Hancock, Middleman, Transformers 2: May 21st Comic Reel Wrap


The new rubble-strewn TV spot is online at YouTube. Stupid disabled embedding ...


There's an early review of the Viper Comics adaptation at the Comics Waiting Room.


Superhero Hype has the scoop on a new casting call for the sequel, looking for "SAG background men and women, ages 18-65, all ethnicities, for scenes to shoot in the Philadelphia, PA and Princeton, NJ areas."


Flash! Aaah-aaaaah! Once more to the silver screen, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which notes that Breck Eisner would direct and executive produce and Neal Moritz would produce.


Kung Fu Rodeo has new images of Dark Knight action figures available in Hong Kong. Thanks to Stephen Gerding for pointing that out.


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