"Hancock" Dominates Weekend Box Office, Can't Dent "Iron Man"

A Black man with super powers and an alcohol problem, alternatively saving and terrorizing Los Angeles. That's an interesting movie to offer, but what if it stars Will Smith and hits theaters on the big Independence Day weekend? According to Box Office Mojo, the oddball ction film took in $107,321,000 since its early Tuesday opening, showing in 3,965 US theaters, while hauling in $78,000,000 internationally.

Impressive, right? Not really. When you note that "Iron Man" earned $98,618,668 in just over 200 more theaters during its opening weekend -- which was just three days as opposed to Will Smith's six -- it doesn't look so great. In the same timeframe, the poorly reviewed "Hancock" made only $66,000,000 to Tony Stark's cool 98 million and change.

By comparison, "The Incredible Hulk" took in $55,414,050 in almost 400 fewer theaterss during its opening weekend, and the iconoclastic "Wanted" -- another property that nobody had ever heard of ten years ago -- hauled in $50,927,085 during its opening weekend, despite appearing in just 3,185 theaters.

Given that the budget for "Hancock" was $150 million, the studio's likely pleased with this turn of events overall, as it's already approximately $35 million into the black and should make more in coming weeks. This scores as the year's ninth largest opening (domestic) and the eight biggest July opening weekend in history. Seems Smith's decision to turn down "Superman Returns" was a good one after all.

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