Han Solo faces Darth Vader in new 'Star Wars Battlefront' trailer

EA Games has debuted a new trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront that not only offers a look at gameplay and settings but also demonstrates how players can add their own twists to the saga.

Billed as a way for fans to immersive themselves in epic battles from Star Wars, we see that won't merely be a walk down memory lane. In the trailer, Princess Leia confronts Boba Fett (who this time avoids the Sarlacc, injecting a bit of humor into the situation), while Han Solo rushes past Snowtroopers on Hoth to face Darth Vader himself.

Gamers will be able to control favorite Star Wars characters, and participate in multiplayer battles and missions on Hoth, Endor, Tatooine and the unexplored planet Sullust.

Star Wars Battlefront will be available Nov. 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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