Han fired up first: 'Star Wars' bongs will have you feeling the Force

If there were anywhere in a galaxy far, far away where weed was being smoked, it was probably the Mos Eisley cantina. Or Jabba the Hutt's pleasure barge -- oh, and anywhere depicted in the Star Wars Holiday Special. OK, there are a lot of possibilities, but wherever they were sparking up, they were likely using something a lot like these lightsaber and blaster bongs.

Custom-made by Ninja Glass, they're described as "fully functional," although I'm pretty sure they're useless in a fight against the Empire. In this case, it means the battery-powered lightsabers feature LED lights, a sound card and motion detector -- and you can smoke out of them.

The glass blasters, meanwhile, are trigger-operated, with LED lights, realistic sounds and a vibrating motor.

Until Wednesday, Ninja Glass had an Etsy page, but then it unexpectedly vanished (it was as if millions of smokers suddenly cried out, "Oh, mannn!"). Presumably the store was purged when the Emperor instituted Order 420. However, now the company has a Big Cartel site, where your mind can be blown by prices as high as $5,000.

It goes without saying -- but the company's spells it out on its website -- that Ninja Glass is in no way affiliated with Lucasfilm, George Lucas or Disney, man.

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