Star Wars: 15 Hilarious Han And Chewie Memes

When the 45 second teaser trailer for Solo dropped during Super Bowl LII, Star Wars fans didn’t know what to think. It had been over two years since the first news of the movie had dropped, sending fans into a pandemonium about who would play the young smuggler, how his origin story would be handled and of course, how much his stalwart first mate Chewie would play a part of it. Since the film’s announcement, however, precious few photos had been leaked, and certainly no footage. As with all the recent Star Wars films, production has been sworn to secrecy, and any news besides official statements was scarce. Suddenly fans had their first glimpse of the look and feel of Han Solo’s big debut, as well as an insight into certain aspects of the film’s plot and cast of characters (Lando! Boba Fett?!).

While the teaser may have posed more questions than it gave answers to hungry fans, it did manage to do what they were curious about most; capture the action, adventure, and fun that is synonymous with Han and Chewie. In the spirit of their continued adventures in that galaxy far, far away, here are 15 memes to tide you over until the next big trailer!


Then it happened, like a tauntaun kick to the gut, the much anticipated scene where Han and Chewie step aboard the Millennium Falcon in The Force Awakens, and all fans everywhere gasped in unison at the fact that they were seeing their favorite heroes again for the first time. Also because Chewie looked incredibly youthful, and Han looked like he’d spent his summers in a Tatooine sandstorm.

How did Chewie manage to retain his long luscious locks without a hint of gray? One could assume it was an oversight by the costuming department, but fans know the more likely reason; wookies have extremely long lifespans, with the oldest among them on Kashyyyk revered as clan elders who have lived for hundreds of years. Eventually, all their fur goes completely white, and they look like yetis (which means Disney should start thinking about putting a few on the Matterhorn).


As Han and Chewie began their partnership of smuggling and adventure, we’d like to think that in tandem with Han’s sarcastic cynicism Chewbacca was the stalwart voice of reason. Chewie would be the one telling him he needed to stop thinking only about the money Princess Leia had handed him for rescuing her and help the Rebels blow up the damn Death Star already. He would be the one to say that maybe Han shouldn’t be so hard on 3PO considering he’s the only one that can talk to the Falcon.

However, as this meme illustrates, it’s more than likely we were wrong all along, and their relationship is much more akin to the sitcom Willard, where skittish and suicidal Elijah Wood talks to a giant imaginary dog man that tells him to do all sorts of horrible things to other humans because they’re horrible anyway and life sucks.


Luke had a habit of playing Captain Obvious in the cockpit, especially about things that he knew very little about, such as the capabilities of TIE fighters, or the Millennium Falcon, or Chewie’s piloting abilities. This was particularly annoying to someone like Han Solo, infamous smuggler, gambler, raconteur of the galaxy. And according to this meme, intergalactic DJ.

Go up to any DJ in a popular club and start spouting off your knowledge of deep house or drum and bass and watch them pretend to not hear you. They also won’t be playing your dance request anytime soon. In this case, if Han and Chewie are your DJs for the evening, count on Han telling you to zip it or Chewie will rip your arms out of your sockets, or smash your vape in his paw.


The popular phrase and hashtag #friendshipgoals almost seems too trite for the sort of brotherly bond that Han and Chewie have. In the annals of the Star Wars Legends, Chewie was purportedly condemned to slavery by the Empire, as were all wookies that valiantly fought for the Galactic Senate in the Clone Wars. It was aboard an Imperial ship, where Han had been detained for smuggling chargers, that he met Chewie and set him free, knowing the powerful wookie would be able to help them both escape.

In the tradition of all wookies, when another life form saves their lives, they must honor that sacrifice. Chewbacca swore a life debt to Han, vowing to protect him whatever the cost. Even when Han fell in with the Rebel Alliance, Chewie knew he would go wherever Han went, even if it meant danger. Friendship goals indeed.


In A New Hope, most people thought Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia would make an ideal couple. After all, he was the blonde-haired, blue-eyed farmboy that came to her rescue, all altruism and innocence, and she was the classy princess who sassed him playfully but didn’t hesitate to give him a kiss for luck as they swung across the chasm in the Death Star.

No one was surprised when Leia planted a big one on Luke in The Empire Strikes Back. They were surprised when the two turned out to be twins, ala some knowledge dropped on Luke in Return of the Jedi courtesy of a frustratingly nebulous Obi-Wan. Granted, as incestuous as that sounds, Luke and Leia can’t exactly be compared to Jamie and Cersei Lannister unless they had turned to the Dark Side where no one cares about that kind of thing.


The ubiquitous failsafe of the Millennium Falcon is that it can jump to lightspeed at a moments notice and blast into hyperspace, leaving sluggish Imperial cruisers in the space dust. This momentous occasion is marked by the quip “Punch it, Chewie!” and followed by a rushing whoosh of star stripes shooting past the cockpit windows. It makes for an exciting experience and a neat special effect.

This meme scores on two fronts; one, because of the obvious upgrade that the Falcon now has butt warmers and two, because it’s a direct reference to the scene in Men in Black when Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) tells Agent J (Will Smith) to press the seat warmer, which automatically engages the nitro in the car and makes it drives on the roof (definitely a “punch it, chewie” moment).


Despite the fact that it was all about the passionate love enduring between a sparkly emo vampire and a basic Becky, Twilight lacked any sort of chemistry between its two stars. This inspired the “still a better love story than Twilight” meme, consisting of juxtaposing one thing against another that is a better match, or even something that isn’t because Twilight is just that terrible. Examples include cheeseburgers and fries, or even sticking a fork in a wall socket.

In this case, we have Han and Chewie arguing over the fact that it’s Chewie’s job to keep a handle on the hairballs that accumulate all around the Falcon. Or their allegience to the cause of the Rebel Alliance. Regardless, there’s a lot of love under all their bickering, and fans would watch many more hours of it than sit through Twilight.


When Han and Chewie brought Rey and Finn to the planet Takonada, they thought they were going for a pleasant reunion with an old friend. Toss back a few Corellian ales at Maz Kanata’s plush lakeside castle, throw a few hands of sabacc, grab Anakin’s lightsaber, and then be on their way. Of course the First Order shows up to ruin everything. This is why we can’t have nice things.

It was at this time, during the First Order ground assault strike, that Han, Chewie, and Finn got it in their minds to distract the squad of stormtroopers by engaging them in a dance off. This meme captures our heroes when they were in the midst of performing “The Macarena”, known as the most deadly dance in the universe.


These days Clint Eastwood does the starting tee for Celebrity Pro-Am Grand Tours, but he once starred in a little film called Gran Torino, in which he told rambunctious youth several times to “get the hell off my lawn”. This sentiment was accompanied by the threatening pump of an M1 Garand rifle and a steely eyed grimace. He’s as protective about his 1972 Gran Torino as Han and Chewie are about the precious Millenium Falcon.

The same cantankerous bravado can be seen conveyed here with Han and Chewie, blaster and bowcaster in hand, ready to tell little whippersnaps what’s what. Han’s expression means business and Chewie’s bearing some serious fangs. Even though they’re now a couple of space grandpas, they’re nowhere near being “old fossils”.


Chewie has a pretty illustrious heritage, being descended from one of the founding members of the first clans on Kashyyyk, the mighty Bacca. If the Star Wars Holiday Special is any indication, Chewie is considered something of a catch on his homeworld, with a hot wookie wife, an adoring son, and lots of pals to Netflix and chill with.

To him, Han probably seems a little scruffy on the outside. Not to mention pathetic and hairless. He doesn’t have a consistent mate, and puts money ahead of honor in most instances. As this meme illustrates, Chewie comes out the real winner here, with Han looking the bumbling fool that constantly needs to be supervised. The fact that he has moments of bravery is probably why Chewie keeps him around.


It’s no secret that the Star Wars movies were based on the early sci-fi and adventure stories like The Adventures of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. George Lucas grew up on pulp serials involving tough guys in spacesuits and bomber jackets, so it makes sense that a character like Han Solo would be placed front and center in his galaxy.

In recent years, it’s become popular among Star Wars fans to make custom bomber jackets depicting all sorts of Star Wars characters. It’s a great homage to the franchise and its origins. In this meme we’ve got Han sporting something similar, this time with a picture of Princess Leia posed saluting coquettishly on the wing of an X-Wing. We’re pretty sure that the “Scoundrel’s Sweetheart” called him some unsavory things when she found out.


What better way to honor one of the greatest friend duos, Calvin and Hobbes, than by turning them into the other greatest friend duo, Chewie and Han? Calvin and Hobbes themed things have been popping up since Bill Watterson created them, some good and some bad. Watterson was never too tyrannical about who could use the likeness of his characters, which means we get great artwork like this, based on one of his original drawings.

Based on one of Watterson’s drawings of Calvin and Hobbes in their wagon, this meme perfectly captures the whimsical feeling of what young Han and Chewie might be doing if they’d known each other before their adult years, Han pushing the Falcon to her limits and Chewie along for backup.


We’ve all left Facebook for one reason or another; our newsfeeds become too depressing, we’re sick of our grandparents commenting on our party photos, we get banned for posting something raunchy, etc. If you’ve stuck it out for a while, though, you start to notice people becoming increasingly offended by what other people post, regardless of context, and instigating arguments with users they often don’t know. Like with all internet fights, it’s best to just walk away, because in the end no one is changing anyone’s mind through a monitor.

This meme depicts the scene in Return of the Jedi when Han gets released from carbonite and is still suffering from the after effects. He’s thrown into the dungeon below Jabba’s palace along with Chewie, who informs him Luke is a Jedi Knight now. Han tells him Luke is having “delusions of grandeur”, not unlike the self-righteous posters on Facebook.


Like America’s favorite pastime, Star Wars is ingrained in our country’s culture. Watching a game and marathoning Star Wars have become regular occurrences for Americans in their leisure time. Major League Baseball figured out a while ago that the two went together like a ballpark frank and a beer, so teams around the US started hosting “Star Wars Nights” in which everyone from players, to bat boys, to fans dress up like their favorite Star Wars characters to enjoy their favorite game.

Here we have the mighty Chewbacca throwing out the first pitch of the evening against the St. Louis Cardinals, with a proud Han Solo just off the mound. The caption of “play ball!” is yelled at the start of every game, while the threat of a wookie “ripping your arms off” is reserved for special occasions when sportsmanship might be in question.


The concept of the “alignment chart” originated with Dungeons and Dragons, where players created their own characters and categorized their traits and aspects according to a chart that determined whether they’d be good, evil, or somewhere in between. “True evil” were pretty self explanatory “true good”, but “neutral” was used to indicate whether or not your character might be somewhere in the middle without choosing a particular side. It’s there that we would expect to find Han and Chewie.

Using a quote taken directly from Han’s interactions with Princess Leia during her rescue from captivity aboard the Death Star, this alignment chart meme positions Han as a “True Neutral”, with Chewie taking whatever route his buddy does. Later on, we realize Han is more of a “Chaotic Good”.

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