'Hammer of the Gods' film gets production team

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Sony based motion picture production/management company, Circle of Confusion, has announced that they are attached to produce the graphic novel, Hammer of the Gods, created by Mike Oeming. Circle of Confusion partner David Engel says that, "setting up Hammer of the Gods is a priority for us this year and we are very excited the about the work that the screenwriters, Bob Conte and Peter Wortmann, have done in that regard. Bob and Peter have retained the spirit of the original source material published by Image comics, and have done a dead-on adaptation for the movie. Modi still kicks ass in a Peter Parker meets Braveheart kind of way. I have dedicated my life to making Mike Oeming a rich man, and setting up Powers at Sony which Mike co-created with Brian Bendis, was just the first step towards that goal."

"David Engel has my complete trust. He brought us a great deal with Powers, and I know he'll do the with Hammer, Mark Wheatley and I are looking forward to the results. Meanwhile we will continue to concentrate on new Hammer of the Gods books and the new mini series like Hammer Hits China." says artist and creator Mike Avon Oeming

Circle of Confusion, the respected New York based management/production company recently announced the opening of a Los Angeles office with a two year, first look production deal at Sony Pictures. Lawrence Mattis, the founder of Circle of Confusion, brought in three new partners, David Alpert, David Engel, and Jason Lust, to head the West Coast operation.

Lawrence Mattis, "We couldn't be happier to have our deal at Sony Pictures. The success of movies like Spider Man and MIB2 opens the door to creating more exciting event movies from the screenwriters, directors, and comic book/video game creators that Circle represents. I know that Circle and Sony are destined for great things."

Circle of Confusion was founded in 1990 by Lawrence Mattis, a New York corporate attorney. Among the talent discovered by Mattis at Circle, are The Wachowski Brothers (Matrix Trilogy), Gregg Chabot & Kevin Peterka (Reign of Fire), Doug Miro & Carlo Bernard (The Great Raid) ,Simon Kinberg (Mr & Mrs Smith, production rewrites on Charlie's Angels 2), Tony Jaswinski (Westward), and Heidi Ferrer (The C Word, Dawson's Creek, Wonderland).

David Engel was Director of Development for Mace Neufeld Productions where he discovered POWERS, the graphic, novel placed for production at Sony and previously brought the comic book HARSH REALM to the attention of Hollywood, which aired on Fox TV.

HAMMER OF THE GODS is now published by Image Comics as a series of full color mini-series and as a popular series of collections. The epic saga focuses on a Viking boy, Modi, who is cursed to never touch a weapon lest he lose his soul. Modi is a frustrated Viking, angry with the world and the Gods themselves. His quest against the Gods forces him into hand-to-hand battles with giants, trolls, demons and even beautiful Valkyries. But the series has many surprising aspects that reviewer Mike Barron noted, "dodges every cliche". The tales are told with a light touch that brings the characters to life in a world of wonders. Created by Michael Avon Oeming, HAMMER OF THE GODS is a collaboration between Oeming and Mark Wheatley with Oeming plotting and drawing the stories and Wheatley plotting and scripting. Both creators have impressive past credits. Oeming is a fast rising star with his new BASTARD SAMURAI mini-series and his white-hot collaboration on POWERS with Brian Michael Bendis. Wheatley is best known for his many creations that include MARS, RADICAL DREAMER and BREATHTAKER and up-coming FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER.

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