Hamill's Trickster May Return For "Flash" Villain Team-Up

Following a screening of this week's "Tricksters" episode of "The Flash," executive producer Andrew Kreisberg and guest villain Mark Hamill addressed members of the press, including The Hollywood Reporter. During the press event, Kreisberg revealed that he has future plans for Hamill's Trickster, which might involve a team-up with Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold.

Hamill's turn in Tuesday's episode marks the second time he's played DC villain James Jesse in a "Flash" series; the "Star Wars" actor originally played the character in the 1990 "Flash" show that aired on CBS. There will be a number of hints to that series, THR reported, including an onscreen reunion between Hamill's Trickster and John Wesley Shipp, the actor that originally played the Flash. Shipp plays the Flash's father, Henry, on the new CW series.

"What was cool about the Trickster on both series is he was smart," said Kreisberg, praising Hamill's character. "No matter how crazy he was, he was so smart and he thought four steps ahead."

Hamill revealed that he was eager to play an older version of the character, letting Devon Graye play a new, younger Trickster. "I'm not getting back into the one piece jumpsuit. I'm not getting back into that spandex deal," Hamill said.

"Tricksters" airs on March 31 on the CW.

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