The Halo TV Series Is Exactly What the Franchise Needs

The month of June proved to be a rather eventful one for Microsoft and 343 Industries. At E3, Microsoft opened up its conference with an all-too brief tease of Halo Infinite, the next major entry in the company's long running sci-fi series, stoking fans' interest in the series again. Late last week saws Halo's time in the spotlight again with the news that the franchise will finally receive its long in stasis live-action series courtesy of Showtime.

Halo has been eyed for a live action epic for years, albeit primarily as a film as opposed to television. Despite the continual interest, the various attempts have all fallen apart due to a myriad of reasons. But that's fine, because now more than ever is the right time for this series to come out. When 343 took over development of the core games with Halo 4, a greater emphasis was placed on the world's mythology, using various characters to help set those pillars up and creating the series' expanded universe in full.

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As is the case with most big budget games, though, the expanded universe has largely been relegated to tie-in novels and comics rather than the primary games. Even before 343 took over development duties, the books released during Bungie's tenure with the series were offhandedly mentioned in the games, if they were even brought up at all. Halo 5 saw the first time that the expanded universe really came into the core games, with a team of Spartan supersoldiers known as Fireteam Osiris taking center stage and hunting down series protagonist Master Chief and his own Blue Team of Spartans.

With that game came the perfect opportunity to truly branch out the wider Halo universe, with Chief's former AI partner Cortana gone evil and threatening to wipe out the entire galaxy with giant robots known as the Guardians and threatening various races in the galaxy to join her rule or die.

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