"Halo 3" Content Revealed as Part of "Halo ActionClix" Collectables

Official Press Release

Bellevue, WA- WizKids Inc., a subsidiary of Topps and the creator of runaway hit games such as HeroClix® and Pirates of the Spanish Main™, will unveil an exclusive Halo 3 Scarab at the San Diego Comic-Con 2007 as part of its debut of the Halo® ActionClix™ Collectable Miniatures Game. This Halo 3 figure is the largest miniature (24" x 24" x 20") WizKids has ever produced. The Halo 3 reveal is one of a number of special Comic-Con events for WizKids. WizKids will also be showing the recently released Star Wars PocketModel Trading Card Game, and a museum featuring more than 2000 HeroClix Collectable Miniatures at the WizKids' booth (#2743) in San Diego Convention Center.

Events at the booth include:

· Halo 3 Scarab Reveal -- 12:00pm on Thursday, July 26th, WizKids will have an unveiling of the exclusive Halo 3 figure. One lucky winner who attends this unveiling will receive this limited edition Halo 3 exclusive collector's item. In addition, Comic-Con attendees will be able to submit their names for the opportunity to buy one of 500 individually numbered Scarabs produced exclusively for this kickoff event. Those WizKids game fans who are unable to attend the convention can check out photos of the Halo 3 Scarab reveal at www.wizkidsgames.com on Thursday afternoon.

· HeroClix museum - WizKids will be displaying over 2000 HeroClix models released over the past five years.

· Halo Book Signings – At 3:30pm on Friday, WizKids will have Halo book author Eric Nylund in their booth for a book signing of his Halo novels. At 3:30pm on Saturday, WizKids will have Joseph Staten, Bungie Director of Content, signing the cover of his upcoming Halo novel, Contact Harvest.

· Marvel Comics artist David Finch signing booster packs and exclusive art prints from Marvel HeroClix: Avengers – Friday 11am, and Saturday 2pm.

· Star Wars PocketModels Demo Events – Demo events will take place on Wednesday at 6pm, Thursday at 4:30pm, Friday at 5pm, Saturday at 10am and Sunday at 12:00pm.

· HeroClix Demo Events – Demo events will take place on Thursday at 2:00pm, Friday and Saturday at 1:00pm and 10:00am Sunday.

· WizKids will be passing out Superman HeroClix figures and an offering an exclusive sneak peek of two figures from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League after the premiere of the Warner Home Video showing of Superman Doomsday.

Games featured at the show include:

The Halo ActionClix Collectable Miniatures Game (CMG) brings the incredible content of the Halo universe to players' tabletops via the award-winning Clix miniatures game engine. Halo ActionClix players are able to replicate the exciting multiplayer action from all three Halo games using high-quality pre-painted, plastic miniatures of Halo characters and vehicles. The game is accessible to all levels of players and lets players jump right into the action and enjoy Halo game mechanics, including weapon swapping, figure re-spawning and vehicle-based combat. With its easy-to-learn gameplay mechanics and low-cost booster packs, two players or more can immediately start playing. The first Halo ActionClix set will feature more than 80 unique miniature figures from the Halo universe that players can collect and trade, and will include preview content from Halo 3. Age 12+.

WizKids' Star Wars PocketModel Trading Card Game (TCG) takes the collectible trading card genre into the third dimension by merging the enjoyment of building custom decks from card collections with the fun of building miniature models of Star War vehicles. The Star Wars PocketModel TCG lets Star Wars fans enjoy a complete Star Wars experience through vehicle building, collecting and exciting gameplay that features the series' best loved characters, vehicles and scenes from all six Star Wars movies. Players can simulate exciting Star War battles using cards to control their fleets of PocketModel ships in their attempt to destroy each other's objectives. This fun, easy-to-learn game is simple enough for kids 8-years-old and up, but features enough depth of strategy to appeal to adults, making it possible for fans of all generations to share and enjoy battling for control of the galaxy! Age 8+.

HeroClix Collectable Miniatures Game, one of WizKids most popular product lines, allows players to control the heroes and villains of the comic book universe in a tabletop game. HeroClix stays true to comic book style. Gameplay incorporates the same strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities that the comic books feature. Heroes and villains go head-to-head in knock-out scuffles. Like in the comics, the defeated always survive to fight another day.

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