Halloween: Laurie Strode Is Waiting for Michael Myers in New Trailer Tease

Halloween Jamie Lee Curtis

After 40 years, Laurie Strode is ready for one final rematch with Michael Myers. Ahead of Friday's trailer release for the Halloween revival, Blumhouse Productions has debuted on last tease.

The new clip actually includes footage from the upcoming horror film, showing Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role as the original scream queen. In a quick montage, Strode is seen pumping a shotgun and taking on Myers once again.

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"I've waited for him. He's waited for me," says Strode ias she grapples with Myers in a fight to the death.

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The new promo reveals more of David Gordon Green's Halloween film compared to Wednesday's teaser, which only included audio from the new movie while focused on The Shape.

The eagerly anticipated slasher film effectively ignores the events of all the Halloween sequels, leaving only the original 1978 horror classic as canon. Whether this means Strode is still the long-lost sister of Myers has yet to be seen, as that particular plot point was introduced in 1981's Halloween II. The revival has Myers become the subject of a true-crime documentary, only to escape during filming and target Strode for revenge.

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Judging by the newest teaser, and from comments by Curtis, the definitive scream queen will be ready for him.

Debuting on Oct. 19, the latest Halloween is directed by David Gordon Green from a script written with Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley. It stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, and Andi Matichak with Nick Castle and James Jude Courtney sharing the role of masked killer Michael Myers. The film is executive produced and scored by original filmmaker John Carpenter.

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