The New Halloween's Most Gruesome Kills

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SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Halloween, in theaters now.

Halloween is one of the most beloved horror franchises ever, with its masked killer, Michael Myers, becoming a pop culture icon. As the series progressed from John Carpenter's original film 40 years ago, he's grown more aggressive in nature, putting him right up there with the top slashers of all time.

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The 2018 sequel, which has been raking in rave reviews, takes the series to new heights, painting the goriest chapter to date. With Myers unhinged like never before as he resumes his quest to kill Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and anyone else he can get his hands on, we have decided to chart the movie's most gruesome deaths, so you don't have to!

The Gas Station Massacre

After a couple of podcasters, Aaron (Jefferson Hall) and Dana (Rhian Rees), fail to get Myers to talk in prison, he reconnects with them after escaping and returning to Haddonfield. Myers follows Dana into a gas station bathroom on the outskirts of town; when he attacks her, Aaron tries to intervene.

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Myers proceeds to smash the man's head into the edge of the door repeatedly, as well as into the mirrors and the bathroom wall. It's a very bloody scene, which will make you grimace even more when he grabs Dana and mercilessly chokes the life out of her. As the camera zooms out, the chaos and trail of blood serves to reiterate why Myers isn't considered a man, but a monster.

The Living Room Murder

When Myers gets to Laurie's street on Halloween night, he roams around freely, with everyone thinking he's just someone in a costume. With the townsfolk oblivious, Myers embarks on his own version of trick-or-treat, going from house to house, randomly killing people.

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He enters one lady's house while she's on the phone. Just as she's about to pull her window shutters down, he slams her head into the window, and in one swift motion, rams a knife straight through her throat. This was like something out of a Mortal Kombat video game, and occurs unceremoniously, in a matter of seconds, with Myers calmly exiting the house as if nothing happened.

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