What Should We Expect From Halloween Kills & Halloween Ends?

Following the success of 2018's Halloween, a direct sequel to the 1978 original, Blumhouse Productions has announced two more chapters in the horror franchise, to be filmed back to back: Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends, arriving in October 2020 and October 2021, respectfully. While little is known about the plots of the sequels, co-creator John Carpenter, director David Gordon Green and star Jamie Lee Curtis are returning.

However, we can probably make some deductions about the films based on the conclusion of 2018's Halloween. Where can this franchise go? To figure that out, we may have to look back.

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Where Does Halloween (2018) Leave Us?

The 2018 installment ends with an uncertain future. Laurie Strode (Curtis), after a lifetime of waiting for Michael Myers to return, traps him in the basement of her self-made fortress, with fire raining down around him. Decades after being tormented by Myers, she finally defeats him.

In the process, her daughter develops a newfound respect for her, while Laurie's granddaughter is left traumatized and wary of the dangers of the outside world. At the same time, there are many bodies, including that of Laurie's son-in-law.

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Presumably, Michael survived, although we're left to wonder how he might have emerged from the falmes. He can't regenerate, so it's possible he'll be horribly burned.

What Are the Themes of This New Halloween Series?

Halloween 2018

The goal of 2018 film was to bring Halloween back to its roots. Ignore the tangled continuity; don't explain why Michael is evil. Just focus on Michael as the Shape. Focus on the horror.

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Because the upcoming sequels will boast the same creative crew, it can be assumed that aim will carry through. Don't expect an explanation for Michael's evil. Expect Laurie to continue to be a survivalist. Expect to see how trauma can change a person's life, only this time manifested by the impact Michael has on Allyson.

Will They Find A Body?

The future of Laurie's character might be determined by whether Michael's body is found in the burning basement. If it is, then Laurie might attempt to find a new purpose. This may be a story about try to recovering from the pain, only to stumble once Michael returns.

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On the other hand, if there's no body, we may be introduced to a more paranoid Laurie. Everyone else think Michael died, but Laurie knows he's still out there. Her fears will, ultimately, be confirmed.

Additionally, Michael's death or disappearance should influence the other surviving characters. How will characters who didn't encounter Michael directly, such as Allyson's "boyfriend" Cameron, be changed by the rampage? Will there be a social disconnect between the characters?

The Legacy of Dr. Loomis

Halloween 2018

Donald Pleasence played Dr. Loomis throughout the original series (with the exception of Halloween 3), all the way to Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, his final film before his death in 1995. While Dr. Sartain appeared at first to be "the new Loomis," he was ultimately Michael's accomplice, and helped to trigger the horrors of the 2018 film.

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With these sequels, at some point it would be wise to provide Loomis with some sense of closure. Although Pleasence passed away, it might be important to include his legacy in some manner. There's no need to bring him back with CGI, like Tarkin in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but it would be good if the plot could offer a portrait of Loomis' twilight years. A rejected concept for 2018's Halloween included Michael killing Loomis. We may see a version of that idea surface in some way in the sequels.

The End of the Strode or Myers Family

halloween poster

Halloween Ends looks to be the grand finale of the series. Horror franchises are notoriously difficult to end (see Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, which both had sequels). Even Halloween had multiple finales already, with Halloween: H20 ending fittingly with Laurie Strode chopping off Michael's head.

However, with Michael being tied so firmly to Laurie and her family, the franchise will need to conclude with either the Strodes meeting their fate or Michael being definitively destroyed.

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