Halloween Horror Nights Include 'This is The End,' 'Crimson Peak' Mazes

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights has been bringing the scares to attendees for years now, with the highlight of the Halloween-themed event always being the elaborate, intense, brilliantly decorated mazes and haunted houses that populate the park. Over the years, themes have ranged from classic horror movie staples like "Nightmare on Elm Street" to simple mythical monsters like vampires and werewolves.

This year, the park ventures into new territory: "living trailers."

In advance of the opening for Guillermo del Toro's latest horror film "Crimson Peak," Halloween Horror Nights features a haunted house maze based on the film with contributions from the director himself, who admitted to The Hollywood Reporter that he has been attending the events for years, even before he moved to the United States in 1997. Dubbed a "living trailer," the maze promotes the film by delivering the very sense of dread and claustrophobia present in the movie, which focuses on a woman trapped, physically in a house and emotionally in a marriage.

On the other end of the spectrum, this year the park also features a maze based on the horror-comedy film "This is The End," with input from stars Seth Rogen and James Franco. This is the first time the park will feature a maze based on a comedy, although they've previously ventured out into music-themed mazes.

Other mazes and haunted houses this year include ones based on "The Walking Dead," "Halloween," "Insidious," and "Alien vs Predator."

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights begins this weekend and goes on until November 1. Check out the website for more details and to purchase tickets.

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