Halloween 2011 Reader Art Gallery!

Happy Halloween!

Here is a gallery of reader-submitted drawings - all following the theme of comic book characters teamed-up/mashed-up with characters from horror books/films/etc.


I am posting them in the order I received them!

First up, robbybobby shows FrankenFreak taking down Superman.

Next, Pat Prendergast shows us green on green crime as Hulk takes on Frankenstein's monster...

The Frankenstein theme continues with Holden Leung's drawing of what would happen if Kilowog and Frankenstein's monster had a tussle. Here is Holden's website.

Paul Arthur shows us a Mummy version of a famous Marvel hero...

Frequent The Line it is Drawn suggester DC2 Omniverse submitted the following...

Finally, long time blog pal Layne closes this gallery out with a mash-up of Tony Chu (from Chew) and Count Chocula. Check out Layne's site here.

Great work, folks! Thanks a lot!

Again, Happy Halloween everybody!

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