Hail LEGO? Captain America gets a brick Hydra shield

You can call it a premonition or an uncanny coincidence, but we call this life-size LEGO replica of Captain America's shield -- with one minor modification -- pretty spectacular.

Weeks before Marvel set the Internet alight with that big revelation in Wednesday's Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, LEGO enthusiast Taylor Walker constructed this Hydra shield for the Sentinel of Liberty.

"I built this back in March, with no knowledge of what was going to happen in the comics, but let's just pretend that I'm super awesome and knew the whole time," Walker explains, adding, "Hail Hydra!"

The shield can be seen in the photo above at last month's BrickCan in Vancouver alongside the LEGO Mjolnir Walker built with his brother Brandon.

[caption id="attachment_231598" align="aligncenter" width="625"]

Photo courtesy of Sir Glub[/caption]

(via The Brothers Brick)

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