"Hack/Slash: Girls Gone Dead" launches in October from Devil's Due

Official Press Release

Everyone's favorite SLASHER hunter, Cassie Hack gets a follow up to her April Debut in HACK/SLASH: GIRLS GONE DEAD. In this installment of Hack/Slash, Cassie and Vlad must save hundreds of drunken spring breakers from the evil FATHER WRATH.

The first Hack/Slash, "Euthanized" debuted in April striking a chord with fans of both horror and comic books, warranting a sequel which pokes fun at the slasher genre (inexpensive movies with undead killers that tend to target unsupervised teenagers) while maintaining a creepy, scary edge.

"'GIRLS GONE DEAD' takes this one step further, and unabashedly satires the ridiculous antics of college spring break gatherings nationwide, while dealing with the fact that Cassie never had such a youth, revealing even more depth to the character than in the original." Says Devil's Due Publishing president, Joshua Blaylock. "While she thinks these kids act like idiots, she can't help but envy them."

Hack/Slash creator Tim Seeley added, " Plus, spring break is just a killer set-up for mass murder on a slasher scale. Where else better for an undead vengeful killer to find the happy, horny teenagers he so intensely despises?"

While other stories, such as the SCREAM movies deconstruct the Slasher genre, Hack/Slash takes the classic "lone surviving female" slasher victim, and develops the icon one step further. Cassie IS that survivor, who instead of going back to a normal life, has morphed herself into a hard-as-nails fighter and vowed to face other slashers head on. Thus insuring no one else suffers the same fate as she.

Cassie is an anti-hero for today's teenage audience, as well as the millions of fans raised on a healthy diet of 1980's slasher flicks.

Co-creators Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli are working with Blaylock on the future of Hack/Slash, and contemplating telling Cassie's origin story next. Cassie Hack's mother was a slasher herself, known as the LUNCH LADY, which is why the heroine feels so compelled to hunt these monstrosities to the ends of the Earth.

Hack/Slash is currently in development as a feature film with DIE-HARD Producer Charles Gordon, along with Adrian Askarieh and DDP's manager, Daniel Alter. Gordon and Askarieh are currently in pre-production on Universal Studio's tent-pole franchise, SPYHUNTER, based on the hot video game. Attached are the ROCK and JOHN WOO.

What the Critics Say:

"Seeley creates a tale easily placed on the same shelf as /Nightmare on Elm Street/ or /Friday the Thirteenth/..." - BrokenFrontier.com

"...its self-aware sense of humor and strong art make it well worth a look to genre fans..." - Ain't It Cool News

"4 out of 5 Dracs!" - Creature-Corner.com

Hack/Slash: 'Girls Gone Dead' is written by Tim Seeley, with art by Federica Manfredi, with cover art by Tim Seeley with Sunder Raj, and Chris Crank.

Founded in 1999, as both a commercial art studio and a small press comic book publisher, Devil's Due Publishing has grown to one of the largest comic book studios in the industry. Launching into mainstream publishing in 2004, Devil's Due Publishing has gained a reputation for highly regarded creative teams and innovative thinking, and is quickly on the rise as one of the top ten publishers in comics.

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