Hackmasters of EverKnight gives its 'Ultimate' for new readers

Official Press Release

Hard Eight Enterprises, makers of the HackMaster adventure game, and Heidi Jackson, owner of the famed publishing company Paperback Werks are proud to announce the latest birth in the HackMaster family: EverKnights!

Starting in January, the HackMasters of EverKnight comic book takes a less novel look at the Wurld of HackMaster, under the 'new' title, "EverKnights".

"EverKnights is a reader-friendly re-launch of the HackMasters of Everknight comic book," says JoJo Zeke, Hard Eight's Acting Manager of Operations, "As you know, the HoE comic is based on the adventures of the legendary heroes of Gary Jackson's Hackmaster novels. However, we felt we needed to move 'beyond' the current body of work, and finally start delving into new territory. Gary always wanted to do something new and different, but time was never on his side. EverKnights allows us to create new and 'spectacular' stories of the famed Heroes of Hack without the restraints of the past. This one's for you, Gary."

HackMasters of Everknight's normal numbering system will end with issue #10, as the surviving characters are hurtled to destinations unknown. But readers can still expect a regular story fix, beginning with FIVE special HoE/EverKnights one-shot issues realsed on a MONTHLY schedule! Each spotlights one of the lost heroes, and leads up to the spectacular release of EverKnights #1.

"With the release of HackMaster 4th edition, new fans have entered the fold that really don't know about the years of history presented in the HackMaster novels," says Heidi Jackson, current President of Hard Eight Enterprises, "We can now tell stories that were impossible before, and create a rich new history for the 'next generation' of HackMaster fans, and our devoted fans alike."

"The success of revamped titles from other companies, like the 'Ultimate' line at Marvel, and DC's success with Elseworlds, shows us that now is the right time for this idea. This is not just a money-grubbing idea to boost sales with new #1 issues!" adds Mark Plemmons, Comic Manager of Kenzer and Company. "The central theme of EverKnights is the same as it's always been - good, fun stories for a good price."

Aside from a new logo, readers of EverKnights can expect to see even more features and HackMaster articles, as well as a monthly strip featuring the Knights of the Dinner Table.

"We are obviously thrilled with this opportunity to draw more readers into our comic book community," said Manny Vega, on-going writer and artist of the series , "We have always believed that the HackMaster novels were the finest fantasy novels ever written, and now we have a chance to build on that legacy for even more readers to enjoy. Despite that, the central theme of EverKnights will be the same as it's always been - Hack and Slash, with a dash of sarcasm and rapier like wit."

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