Gwenpool: Ten Hilarious Quotes from the Chaotic Character

Gwenpool; one of the quirkiest characters around, like her namesake, she's not afraid to bop around breaking the fourth wall. Unlike her namesake, she's from another Earth, and she loves comic booksGwen Poole was just an ordinary comic book nerd until she got pulled into Earth 616. Where she happily made a home for herself. The following insanity has had more than a few fans cheering. And we're here to celebrate some of her funniest and most chaotic moments.

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And trust us, there are plenty of chaotic moments to choose from where Gwen's concerned. After all, the girl can literally bend the reality of her comic panels. And she's a wee bit crazy too, especially to the characters that don't understand or believe the fact that they exist within a comic book.

10 Making Sure You're Canceled Too

“You think I haven't been waiting for this moment?! It was inevitable, you horror-sized mister potato head. You killed my only friend and made me your henchman. If you kill me today, I'm making sure you're canceled too.”

Any comic book fan has had to live through seeing their favorite series get canceled at least once. But what about watching a character who knows her fate get canceled? That's all sorts of rough. But at least Gwen made the best of it while she could.It helped to see Gwen make these sorts of comments – threatening her enemies with the same fate she faces. Yes, they made us laugh.

And yes, they made us a little bit sad too. But that's one of the many reasons we love Gwen.Also, bonus points for the phrasing here. Even without seeing the antagonist she's fighting, it's pretty darn clear who she's yelling at.

9 Here's the Plan!

“Hey squid boyz! I'm placing an order for calamari. Bring it to Times Square. And in case this doesn't translate: I want you to come to Times Square so I can kill you all.”

There's nothing quite like being brutally honest about your plans to kill your enemies. And that's something that Gwenpool has in spades – her in your face nature basically requires her to sass her villains in the best ways possible.

Also, we're still laughing about the calamari joke. So thanks again, Gwenpool. We love your sense of humor.

8 Grandma's Not Gone

“This sounds an awful lot like 'Grandma's Not Gone. She'll live on in our hearts forever.'If Grandma could do to hearts what you can do to panels, Grandma would be horrifying.”

How many characters get the opportunity to talk to themselves? While not being completely bonkers, that is. Gwenpool's abilities allowed her a chance to have a past and present version of herself have a nice little chat.

Somehow, that chat turned to talk about horrifying Grandmas, but that is about on par for the course when Gwenpool in involved.

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7 Cecil! I Choose You!

“Cecil! I Chose You!”

This isn't the sort of thing you might expect to see in a comic book. But this is absolutely the sort of insanity you can expect to find in Gwenpool's series. And yes, that really is a skull, and yes, it is the skull of her friend. And yes, it does all make absolute sense. Mostly. This is Gwen we're talking about.

We love that Gwenpool managed to sneak in a reference to one of our favorite fandoms in this comic, even if the implications are a little bit...twisted. But that's one of the many reasons why we love this girl.

6 Gwen and Jeff

“Gwen and Jeff, Jeff and Gwen, saving the day, as best they c'n.”

Um. Why yes, that is Gwen singing about her newest best friend. And yeah, that's totally a shark with legs. He's Jeff the Land Shark, and we love him and his adorable little self – even if those teeth are just a little bit intimidating.

We also love that Gwen has already come up with a little theme song for her and her buddy. Though it could possibly use some work.

5 Leveled Up

“Whoa...I have definitely not leveled up to those kinda fight moves yet.”

Actually, this whole panel is pretty awesome. But we're especially loving Gwen being aware of her fighting abilities, and looking at said abilities in terms of levels. It's just so...Gwenpool. After all, this is the character that knows she's inside a comic. It fits.

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4 What's Her Name?

“What's her name? She's uh, played by Natalie Portman, uh...”

If you like this quick quote, you should make a point of looking up the entire plot arc, because it is pure gold. In this series of events, Gwenpool manages to stop a fight (and sort of start a new one) by calling out the true name of a hero under the mask: Jane Foster in Mighty Thor. The entire plot is as funny as you might hope, or imagine.

3 Shooting At Evil Dwarves

“I'm shooting at evil dwarves from Ghost Rider's car, and I crashed on the better Hawkeye's couch last night! I'll enjoy that for a moment.”

Leave it to Gwenpool to fangirl like the best of us. Because be honest here, you'd be totally freaking out too. Any single one of those circumstances sounds awesome (okay, maybe not the being chased by evil dwarves bit, but everything else!), and we love Gwen for realizing this as well.

2 Tired of Shaving

“You get in more fabric for pants yet? …. Well, get on it! I'm tired of shaving my legs all the time!”

Oh Gwen, don't ever change. We love that you have addressed the whole 'no pants' thing and that you have even put your own take on why not having pants would stink.

It's refreshing to see a character resisting her costume design. Though naturally, Gwen has done so in the most comical of ways here.

1 Ya Nasty

“--Wade is still way too old for me. So to the future Marvel writer who tries to hook us up someday – because I know one of you pervs is gonna try it – Ya Nasty!”

Gwenpool and Deadpool being on the same page is basically a guarantee for hilarity. But having the two address all of the reasons why they shouldn't hook up – in a perfectly articulated and fourth-wall-breaking moment no less – is just perfection.

We love that Gwen has taken to task and called out any future writers or authors for trying to do something like this. Because you've got to admit, this sort of thing does happen with an alarming frequency. So thanks again, Gwen.

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