Gwenda Bond to Continue Lois Lane's Adventures in New "Double Down" YA Novel

Following up "Lois Lane: Fallout," Gwenda Bond will continue to explore teenage Lois' growing passion for journalism in "Lois Lane: Double Down," her next novel for Switch Press.

"Lois Lane is an icon, one of the most well-known and enduring figures in American pop culture -- and for good reason," Bond said in a statement. "She's a hero all of us can relate to. It's been a tremendous honor and a great pleasure to get to write about her in an all-new way, as a modern teenager, and I'm thrilled to be continuing her story in 'Double Down.'"

In "Fallout," Lois arrived at a new high school in Metropolis determined to keep her head down and blend in. However, when she catches a group of students who call themselves the Warheads mercilessly teasing someone, she just can't help herself. While her stubbornness wins her a spot on Perry White's journalism club at the Daily Planet, it also leads her to uncover the disturbing truth behind the Warheads, a virtual reality game and an underground military project -- and she has to risk everything in order to save her new friends. She just might need a little assistance from her mysterious internet confidante SmallvilleGuy in order to save the day.

"Switch Press has been thrilled with the critical and fan response to 'Lois Lane: Fallout' and we are all excited to see the series continue with 'Double Down,'" shared Miles Stevens-Hoare, Managing Director of Capstone's Global Trade business.

Bond's past works also include "Girl on a Wire," "The Woken Gods" and "Blackwood."

"Lois Lane: Double Down" will be released on May 1, 2016.

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