"Gutsville" #1 goes back to press!

Official Press Release

Due to the overwhelming demand, Frazer Irving and Simon Spurrier's sold out GUTSVILLE #1 will return to stands with an all-new cover.

"Simon and I are quite proud of the work, so such a response is highly appreciated," said Irving. "The series is completely different than anything I've ever undertaken, and it's thrilling to know our little experiment was a success."

GUTSVILLE takes place one hundred and fifty years after the ocean liner HMS Daphne was swallowed at sea, with its passengers' descendants clinging to life in the titular subterranean city. A Puritan-like society is shattered when revolutionaries, sadistic priests and a psychotic killer clash. Their continued existence relies on one scared RatCatcher and the success of his escape.

"We knew there would be a lot of attention based off Frazer's recent work on SEVEN SOLDIERS and SILENT WAR," Image Comics Executive Director Eric Stephenson added. "Both Frazer and Simon are amazing talents, and we want to make sure retailers are able to satisfy demand as word continues to spread about this unique series."

GUTSVILLE #1 2ND PRINTING (MAY078270) will arrive on stands July 25th.

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