Guns, Girls & Motorcycles in "Model Operandi"

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Official Press Release

NEW JERSEY - After Hours Press announces "MODEL OPERANDI," a new comicbook graphic novel that mixes girls, guns, and motorcycles in ahigh-adrenaline action comic.

"Model Operandi" is about Legsy Diamond...model by day…carefreeadventurer by night. She's part of a team of hot, fun-lovin' babes whostumble into trouble all over the world…and maybe fight some crimealong the way. Jump in to their first exciting adventure as thestunning gals must recover a priceless gem…the legendary Heart ofJosephine diamond, which was stolen by (you guessed it) evil, sexybabes! It's packed with action, mystery, intrigue and humor.

Created by Dennis Budd and Joe Caramagna, this 88-page full-colorgraphic novel is priced at only $5.99 to attract new readers. It'sgood, light fun with a terrific story and fantastic art.

"People who like the action and humor of the Alias TV show will get abig kick out of this high-octane story about Legsy Diamond," saysBuddy Scalera, President, After Hours Press. "And if people wereimpressed by Dennis and Joe's work on 7 Days to Fame, then they aregoing to be floored by the fluid art style featured in ModelOperandi."

Both Dennis Budd and Joe Caramagna are graduates of The Joe KubertSchool in New Jersey. Aside from their work on "7 Days to Fame",Dennis Budd has illustrated Lord of the Rings trading cards for ToppsCards, and Joe Caramagna has lettered Marvel Comics via the VirtualCalligraphy studio.

"We are so confident that Model Operandi will be a hit, that weactually printed the graphic novels in advance and have begun sellingthem at conventions," says Scalera. "There's already a buzz and thebook isn't even out yet."

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