Gundam: The 10 Most Powerful Mecha in the Series, Ranked

When Gundam was first introduced, it was an alternative to the "Super Robot" series on the airwaves. In sharp contrast to those series where the threat was either aliens or secret organizations, Gundam offered storylines where characters dealt with the horrors of war. Those realistic problems came with more realistic giant robots…but powercreep comes for every universe eventually.

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For decades now, Gundam mecha have been achieving more and more absurd abilities, with each series seemingly aiming to top the last. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most powerful of those mobile suits and ranking them according to their abilities.

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The NT-1 Alex is probably the most reasonable suit on this list. It’s a high-performance version of the original RX-78-2 Gundam model, meant for usage by the legendary pilot Amuro Ray, but the war ended before this suit could be shipped to him. Of course, paired with Amuro, the base model of the RX-78 alone was enough to change the tide of the One Year War. The Alex improved on this groundbreaking model by adding it’s Chobam armor as well as a powerful AI which worked in conjunction with Amuro’s NewType abilities to create a suit which could fully take advantage of his abilities.


A large part of the reason for the Strike Freedom making this list is its pilot, Kira Yamato. Kira was so technically proficient he was able to battle entire armies of mobile suits on his own without even taking a scratch. Having said that, the Strike Freedom is no slouch when it comes to its own power: it’s loaded to the gills with weapons, from a beam cannon in its abdomen to railguns on its hips. And that’s not counting all the standard Gundam equipment it comes with, like beam sabers and rifles, or it’s DRAGOON system, which allows it to remote guide weapons to target multiple enemies simultaneously.


The Nu Gundam has a couple of things that help it make this list. For one, it’s piloted by Amuro Ray, who may not be the most powerful of the NewType Gundam pilots, but he’s easily the most mature among them. Along those lines, after years of working for the Earth’s Federation Forces, the Nu Gundam has been designed to take advantage of all of Amuro’s developed abilities. This is why it introduces the Psycommu system, one which allows Amuro to remotely utilize weapons known as “bits”, essentially psychically controlled drones which offer incredible increases in firepower to the user.


The V2 Gundam comes from the “end” of the longest existing timeline, the Universal Century. As such, it incorporates a lot of the better technologies mentioned in other series from earlier in the timeline. This is why Uso Ewin is a thirteen-year-old who’s able to tear through an entire empire largely solo. It’s most impressive abilities are the Minovsky Drive, which allows the V2 Gundam superior maneuverability to other mobile suits, and the Wings of Light, a system which deserved as the primary defensive capability for the V2 Gundam, and was so powerful it could mega beam cannon shots.


The improved version of the titular Gundam of After War Gundam X, Garrod Ran’s Double X Gundam was created as an upgrade after the original Gundam X was destroyed. It’s key feature is its Satellite system, a feature from the original Gundam X that allowed it to take powerful microwave energy from a solar station on the move and channel it into its Satellite Cannon.

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The Double X’s version improves on the original, making the cannon not only able to absorb more energy but use it more effectively. The Double X’s Satellite cannon is said to be capable of destroying entire space colonies.


Whenever the discussion of most powerful Gundams arises, the Wing Zero Gundam comes up, generally with its defenders mentioning that it’s twin buster cannon laid an entire colony to waste with a single blast. While that’s certainly impressive enough to get it considered for a Top 10, what clinches its place here is its incredible win-loss record. Once Heero Yuy hopped in this thing he was pretty much impossible to defeat, and that’s before anyone mentions the dreaded “Zero System”, which dramatically increases the ability of the pilot by feeding them massive amounts of data which allow them to predict the moves of their opponent.


For a timeline that’s supposed to be fairly reasonable in scientific advances, the Universal Century has a lot of suits on this list. But none of them are more powerful than the Gundam Unicorn, which boasts several unique powers. If piloted by a NewType, it can go into Destroy Mode and be piloted by the pilot’s thoughts alone. But it also has a NewType Destroyer system which can take over other NewType weaponry on the field and use it against other opponents. Last and perhaps most important, it also appears to boast the ability to rewind time itself, according to the recent film Gundam Narrative.


Known as the Burning Gundam in the G Gundam dubs, God Gundam was the second mobile suit given to Domon Kasshu, series lead and Gundam Fighter for Neo Japan. Its incredible abilities were developed to supersede that of his previous suit, the Shining Gundam, and even in base form it surpasses Shining Gundam’s powered-up Super Mode. What earns this Gundam its spot on the list is its final showing against the Devil Gundam, a mobile suit designed to continuously improve itself and evolve from any attack, making it theoretically invincible. But with the help of both Domon and his partner Rain, the God Gundam obliterated the Devil Gundam entirely.


The final evolution of the Gundam Exia, the 00 Qan[T] is probably one of the most absurd Gundam designs ever. Setting aside the usual high-performance “Trans-Am” shenanigans all Gundam 00 mobile suits are capable of, the Qan[T] apparently also allows its pilot to communicate with sentient minds of any species via “Quantum Brainwaves”. If that wasn’t enough, it can also utilize Quantum Teleportation, allowing it to teleport both across short distances as well as to entirely different planets in other galaxies. Both fairly useful abilities when the 00 movie it came from was about first contact (and conflict) with an alien species from another galaxy.


Intended to be a story that was all-encompassing for every Gundam timeline, the Turn A is basically the most powerful mobile suit ever designed. Reminiscent of Tomino’s much older series Ideon, the Turn A sounds more absurd the more it’s described. It’s powered by an artificial black hole, which summons the absurd energy necessary to operate the nanomachines that help it regenerate from any attack. It’s most dangerous ability is the Moonlight Butterfly, one using its nanomachines to eat all the technology in the solar system from Earth to Jupiter, a power which singlehandedly ended not just war, but life as humanity knew it.

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