"Gun Candy," "Tasty Treats" and "Body Bags" Launch From Image in June

Official Press Release

BERKELEY, CA -- 22 APRIL, 2005 -- Phil Noto, Jason Pearson, Chuck Dixon, Rob Haynes, Keron Grant, Brian Stelfreeze, Ed McGuinness, LeSean Thomas, Cully Hamner, Chris Brunner, Ron Marz, Dexter Vines, Georges Jeanty and Sanford Greene. What do all of these amazing creators have in common?

Together they comprise the creative teams behind "Shotgun Summer," beginning this July from Image Comics and 12 Gauge Comics. "Shotgun Summer" isn't a crossover, but an event among creators associated with 12 Gauge Comics, the collective responsible for Image's THE RIDE.

Titles launching this July include:

GUN CANDY, a two issue limited series by Doug Wagner and Brian Stelfreeze, featuring an exclusive flip book installment of THE RIDE by creators Phil Noto, Jason Pearson, Sanford Greene, Rob Haynes, and Chuck Dixon.

ARTXILLA "TASTY TREATS" 2005, a high-end sketchbook featuring art from Artxilla Studio members Ed McGuinness, Keron Grant, Sanford Greene & LeSean Thomas.

BODY BAGS: FATHER'S DAY by Jason Pearson, a two issue limited series reprinting the original WIZARD TOP TEN comic.

Kicking off "Shotgun Summer" will be the June release of THE RIDE VOLUME 1 trade paperback, collecting all four issues of the critically acclaimed series, featuring five stories revolving around a 1968 Camaro and the many lives it alters.

12 Gauge Comics' Keven Gardner is excited to be bringing so much talent to Image at one time.

"It is really exciting to put together such an exciting batch of comics," says Gardner. "We plan on concentrating a great deal of our efforts into the summer months for years to come, and hopefully this will be the start of a great tradition with Image. Jason Pearson, Brian Stelfreeze, Phil Noto, Ed McGuinness, and all the fantastic talent featured in the inaugural 'Shotgun Summer' event makes us all extremely proud."

Image Comics Executive Director Eric Stephenson is likewise pleased that Image can provide a home for such an impressive array of talent.

"It's hard to argue with the talent involved in these projects," say Stephenson. "Not only are they all fan favorites, they all possess unique vision and strong individual styles that sets their work apart from the pack."

ARTXILLA "TASTY TREATS" 2005, GUN CANDY and BODY BAGS: FATHER'S DAY are solicited in the May issue of Diamond PREVIEWS, and will be in stores this July.

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