Guillermo del Toro's <i>The Strain</i> Vampire Trilogy Heads to FX

FX is closing in on a deal to bring Guillermo del Toro's vampire novel trilogy The Strain to television, Variety reports. Lost's Carlton Cuse would serve as showrunner, with del Toro writing the pilot with his co-author Chuck Hogan.

The cable network has given the project a pilot order with the understanding that it likely will be fast-tracked to series. Filming is targeted to begin next fall in Toronto.

Published in 2009, The Strain follows a biohazard expert and an elderly Holocaust survivor who battle a vampiric virus that breaks out in New York City. The 2010 follow-up The Fall details the spread of the virus and a war that breaks out between Old World and New World vampires. Third novel The Night Eternal, in which humanity finds itself on the brink of annihilation on a planet now controlled by vampires, was released last year. The books also spawned a Dark Horse comics series.

"These are very scary vampires," Cuse tells the trade paper. "These are not romantic vampires. They will give you nightmares. [...] It's a chance to tell a gripping, suspenseful story with characters that go on a wonderful emotional journey through the course of the story. It has all the elements you look for in an epic tale. It feels like the chance to do something that really adds something new to the genre."

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