Guillermo del Toro Reportedly No Longer On Board "Justice League Dark"

Director Guillermo del Toro has been attached to a "Justice League Dark" film since 2012, but a new report says he's left the project. In The Hollywood Reporter's article on Vertigo-based films including "Sandman" moving from Warner Bros. to New Line Cinema, the industry outlet also disclosed that del Toro is "no longer attached" to "Justice League Dark."

Word first surfaced in November 2012 of a possible del Toro-directed "Justice League Dark" film, based on the comic book series of the time starring John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman and more. Updates came periodically from del Toro at various events -- including a working title of "Dark Universe" -- though based on reports, the film never seemed to move past preliminary stages. Notably, though THR says del Toro is no longer attached to the movie, it doesn't rule out another director taking on the project.

The "Justice League Dark" DC Comics series ended earlier this year, and a "Dark Universe" title is expected to debut later this year. del Toro has a full slate even without "Dark Universe," with his film "Crimson Peak" scheduled for release on Oct. 16, and a "Pacific Rim" sequel in the works.

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