Guillermo del Toro Completed His Unproduced Justice League Dark, Hulk Scripts

A master of telling dark, captivating stories, Guillermo del Toro is no stranger to the world of comics, having directed Blade II and the original Hellboy films. Like many directors, though, several of his projects have gone unproduced due to varying factors. But the acclaimed filmmaker has confirmed that the scripts for two of his projects, a planned Hulk TV series and a film based on DC's Justice League Dark title, were completed before the films were canceled.

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On his Twitter handle, Del Toro made a list of the screenplays he has developed and written, but have currently gone unproduced. Among these are scripts for a Hulk pilot and a Justice League Dark film, as well as other projects, such as Fantastic Voyage and Haunted Mansion.

In subsequent tweets, Del Toro explained that each script took about a year to produce, and that together they represented "more of a decade of work lost." He also reiterates that these scripts are completed, not just wish lists for his projects, some totaling more than 100 pages.

The Justice League Dark film, entitled Dark Universe, would have been Del Toro's first foray into the DC Universe and featured such supernatural heroes as John Constantine, Deadman and Swamp Thing. However, the film is currently stuck in development hell. The Hulk TV series, which Del Toro would have produced, was slated to air on ABC, but nothing has been heard of that project for some time.

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While the projects may eventually see the light of day, especially if Disney reworks the latter for the Disney+ streaming service, Del Toro still has some work on his plate, as he will direct a Pinocchio adaptation for Netflix and produce a horror anthology series for the service.

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