Guggenheim's <i>Nowhere Man</i> back on track for November

Marc Guggenheim's name may not have been listed in DC's September solicitations, but that doesn't mean he isn't keeping busy in the comics world. Deadline.com reports today that Liquid Comics will publish Nowhere Man, written by the Green Lantern movie scribe, this fall.

Announced in 2008, Nowhere Man is "“Sci Fi odyssey set in a groundbreaking vision of the future in which mankind has traded privacy for safety,” according to the description released by its original publisher, Virgin Comics, back then (Liquid Comics was formed in the wake of Virgin Comics' demise). Deadline.com adds, "The story takes place 500 years in the future, where an oppressive government monitors the population, down to its thoughts. Everyone on Earth has been infected with a nano-tech virus that makes computerized thought analysis possible. A group of rebels combat this by generating a genetically altered child born immune to the virus. He grows up to become the Nowhere Man, mankind's best chance to topple the invasive regime."

Initially actor Hugh Jackman was involved with the comic, but Deadline makes no mention of him in the announcement. The comic comes out in November.

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