Guggenheim Reveals Captain Cold's 'Legends' Return, Talks Arrow's 100th Episode

Back in May, Wentworth Miller's stint as a series regular on "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" ended -- but that wasn't the end of his time in the Arrowverse, as he was quickly announced as having signed a deal to allow him to appear on multiple shows in the Greg Berlanti-produced, DC Comics-based world. So it's been a question of when, not if, Captain Cold will show up again -- a question that "Arrow" and "Legends of Tomorrow" executive producer Marc Guggenheim answered today during a press event.

"You'll see Wentworth Miller back in 'Legends'' mideason finale, episode 208," Guggenheim told reporters at the CW's Burbank headquarters, meaning that Leonard Snart's TV return will likely be on the episode slated to air on Thursday, Dec. 8, during an appropriately chilly time of year.

Of course, that doesn't answer all Captain Cold-related questions that fans have -- given that his character sacrificed himself at the end of "Legends" season one, it's still not yet known the exact nature of the character's return, but in a show all about time travel (and in a shared fictional universe that's already established resurrection, multiple Earths and doppelgangers of characters), the options for a potential explanation are plentiful. Also, it's already been announced that Captain Cold will be a part of the Legion of Doom on "Legends of Tomorrow" -- alongside Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman), Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) and the Reverse-Flash (Matt Letscher), so in whatever form Miller's character returns, it seems he won't be as noble as seen in the "Legends" first season finale.

Miller wasn't the only return Guggenheim divulged: "You'll see John [Barrowman] in 'Legends' 208, you'll also see John in 'Arrow' 508, which is the 100th episode. You'll see Neal McDonough back as Damien Darhk in the 100th episode." The 100th episode coincides with the four-show CW superhero crossover between "Supergirl," "The Flash," "Arrow" and "Legends of Tomorrow," but Guggenheim assured the press it'll be sufficiently "Arrow"-centric.

"Greg came up with an idea -- I don't want to spoil it -- that really does allow us to have our cake and eat it too," Guggenheim said. "I haven't seen the episode all cut together yet, but it has some incredibly iconic moments. It is a love letter to the show. It draws on all previous 99 episodes. Everyone who we could have in the episode, from a scheduling point of view, is in the episode. Even the people we couldn't have, because of conflicting schedules, are represented. At the same time, you've got Flash and Supergirl, and that's an enormous amount of fun."

Even with all the guest appearances, Guggenheim assured that the actor at the center of "Arrow" -- Stephen Amell, who has starred as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow since 2012 -- has a key part to play in the 100th episode.

"There's one moment in it that I think is probably Stephen's finest performance to date," Guggenheim said,. "This one scene, that really has two moemnts within the one scene, it will break your heart. It'll take your heart, pull it out, stomp it on the floor. It's very, very affecting. It's all on Stephen's back, and it's incredible."

"Willa [Holland]'s amazing in the episode," Guggenheim continued. "Everyone brought their A-game to it. I'm really excited about it."

"DC's Legends of Tomorrow" airs 8 p.m. Thursdays on The CW; "Arrow" airs 8 p.m. Wednesdays on The CW.

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