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Guess the Real Spoiler! (September 8, 2010) Updated with Answer

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Guess the Real Spoiler! (September 8, 2010) Updated with Answer

Labour Day has delayed books in the US by a day this week, but not in Canada, because, when we get a day off, we work twice as hard to keep on schedule. That means it’s time for another round of Guess the Real Spoiler, the game where I will give you spoilers for every comic I read this week and you will try and guess which is real. Of course, don’t participate if you don’t want to be spoiled (as even fake spoilers can contain a germ of reality or maybe just be way better than what happens, therefore spoiling your reading experience when you find out what really happens). I will update the post tomorrow around noon with the answer. Now, on to the game!

Edit: The answer is now at the end of the post…

This time, we’ve got 13 comics…

Amazing Spider-Man #641: The reason why Peter and Mary Jane broke up? In erasing the knowledge of his secret identity from the world, Mary Jane also lost her knowledge of Spider-Man’s identity and Peter broke up with her to protect her.

Batman and Robin #14: Simon Hurt shoots Dick Grayson in the head.

Batman: Odyssey #3: That dinosaur in the museum is a robot that attacks Batman and Robin, killing many of the criminals in the process, all a plot by… Killer Croc!

Daytripper #10: The story of how Brás’s parents met and how he was conceived, ending with his death via miscarriage.

Doc Savage #6: Doc Savage knows of a terrorist plot, but he’s stuck in prison because of the events of the book’s first arc — and Washington, DC is nuked.

Greek Street #15: Eddie is killed by the monstrous woman stalking the streets of London.

The Incredibles #13: Violet’s boyfriend (and son of a former supervillain) betrays the family to the evil group of supervillains that have been plotting against the Incredibles.

Irredeemable #17: Modeus hates the Plutonian because he is his future child, born after the Plutonian raped his mother… an act that hasn’t actually occurred yet. But will.

New Avengers #4: Iron Fist returns to Earth and promptly punches Dr. Strange in the face.

The Thanos Imperative #4: Thanos is resurrected via the ‘statue’ of Thanos on Titan that was never reanimated in the Cancerverse.

Thor #614: Tyr gives his life — and soul — to protect Hel from the Disir.

Thor the Mighty Avenger #4: The Warriors Three come to Earth and Hogun promptly punches Thor in the face because of whatever happened that got Thor banished to Earth.

Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 #2: Blade is staked.

Guess the real spoiler! Have fun!

The Answer: New Avengers #4. Thanks for playing. Glad that I could fool so many of you.

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