Guess the Real Spoiler! (June 2, 2010) Updated with Answer!

With another week of comics being delayed by a day in the US and not here in Canada, I'm bringing back Guess the Real Spoiler! It's a game where I will present spoilers for every comic I read this week, only one of which is really what happened in the comic. Obviously, you wouldn't want to participate if you don't want to get spoiled a day earlier as even my fake spoilers could ruin a reading experience... I guess. So, if you want to play, click on the link. I'll update this post with the answer tomorrow (June 3) at noon EST. EDIT: The answer has been revealed at the end of the post...

This week, I'll be using ten books, giving a nice spread of possibilities. Hopefully, the real spoiler isn't too obvious...

Avengers: The Origin #3: Just as the Avengers look defeated by the Hulk, Thor returns with a beaten Loki in tow.

Avengers: Prime #1: A fight between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark ends with Rogers needing to be physically restrained by Thor after it's clear that Stark won't be fighting back anymore.

Demo vol. 2 #5: The world is undone by a woman who can travel through time, most of the issue her alone, stranded in an endless white abyss, ruminating over what she's done.

The Great Ten #8: The Shaolin Robot was built by the same people who built the so-called gods that have returned and he betrays the team at a crucial moment.

Greek Street #12: In a literary joke on Peter Milligan's part, the new storyarc involves an Irishman by the name of Bloom arriving in London to visit his old friend, Detective Dedalus...

Irredeemable #14: The issue ends with the Plutonian powerless thanks to the leftover wax that Bette Noir stole from the candle that takes away his powers.

Nemesis: The Imposters #4: Tom Tresser kills Tom Tresser.

Sparta, U.S.A. #4: The Maestro returns to Sparta with an army of Nazi soldiers.

The Thanos Imperative #1: Despite Adam Magnus being killed last issue, a cocoon appears in Nowhere and, while the Guardians are out, it hatches and the person to come out of it releases Thanos with the final page showing Adam Warlock as we normally see him (older) and Thanos ready to kick some ass together.

Vengeance of the Moon Knight #9: Moon Knight is forced to kill the Sandman to save the lives of Spider-Man and Frenchie, making him wonder if he'll revert to his old self.

Guess the real spoiler! Good luck!

EDIT! And the correct answer is... Sparta, U.S.A. #4! Glad to see this wasn't too easy for you. Thanks for playing!

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