Guess the Real Spoiler! (July 7, 2010) Updated with Answer

It's another week where comics in the United States are delayed a day thanks to a holiday while not being the case in Canada, so it's time for Guess the Real Spoiler, the game where I give you a spoiler for all of the comics I've read this week, but only one of which is real. Of course, that means you may get spoiled should you read the post and play the game. That doesn't seem to stop people though. As well, since this holiday comes on the same week of the month as last month's holiday, there are a lot of books from the last time we played this game showing up again. But, whatever, that shouldn't matter. I'll update this post tomorrow around noon with the solution, so you have until then to guess. On with the game!

Edit: The answer is now at the end of the post.

This week, we've got 15 comics! Lots of possible choices for the real spoiler.

Avengers: The Origin #4: Just as the Avengers look defeated by the Hulk, Thor returns with a beaten Loki in tow.

Batman and Robin #13: Damian kills the Joker.

Batman: Odyssey #1: Batman killed a man very early in his career.

The Boys #44: The issue ends with Butcher showing Hughie the tape he has of what Annie did to get into the Seven.

Casanova #1: In the new eight-page story, Casanova is forced to kill the Night Nurse to keep his cover and not be exposed as the guy who gave up the tooth of Buck McShane, which lead to all of those clones of him.

Demo vol. 2 #6: A man reflects on his life and the wrong decisions he's made because of his ability to see the future.

Gødland #32: Friedrich Nickelhead is revealed to be none other than Automatic Kafka.

The Great Ten #9: The issue ends with the words "To be continued..."

Greek Street #13: Alex accidentally kills someone when he thinks they're the Greek soldier he keeps seeing in his visions.

Irredeemable #15: Bette Noir kills the Plutonian with that special bullet.

Scalped #39: Carol has an abortion after her father finds out she's pregnant.

Scarlet #1: Scarlet spends the second half of the issue breaking into a police station to break out her ex-boyfriend who's been framed for murder.

Sparta, U.S.A. #5: Johnny betrays the Spartans, killing Godfrey McLaine.

Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier #1: Steve and Sharon need to take down an AIM cell that has created a super-soldier-esque formula.

Thor the Mighty Avenger #1: Thor must fight against Balder after Loki and the Enchantress set the two against one another with a series of lies and magicks.

Guess the real spoiler! Have fun!

Edit: The answer is... Gødland #32! At least, that's how I read the issue. I will admit that, later, flipping through it again that others could interpret what happens differently. However, when I wrote these spoilers, that's how I read the issue (and still read it), so for the purposes of the game, it's the real one.

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