Guess the Real Spoiler! (December 2, 2009)

Welcome to the brand new Comics Should be Good game inspired by the US having its comics delayed a day because of Thanksgiving while comics still ship today in Canada (and other countries like Israel apparently). I thought this might be a fun way for me to lord my getting comics a day before most of the comic-reading population online -- fun for me and you (possibly). Below the cut, I will provide a spoiler for every comic that I bought this week and all of them will be fake except for one -- and I want you to guess which is the real one. If people enjoy this game, I'll bring back any time a US holiday leads to their books being delayed a day and maybe do variations depending on the amount of comics I get that week. For now, click on the link, journey beneath the cut, and, of course, there are spoilers.

Edit: Solution is at the end of the post under the cut.

This week, I got 12 books, so it's a nice, healthy batch to possibly spoil...

Absolution #4: John Dusk is forced to kill a fellow cop when he discovers his secret.

The Boys #37: The Frenchman, it turns out, was actually born in Quebec.

Dark Avengers annual #1: Osborn sends the Avegers after Noh-Varr and, just when it seems he's outmatched, a bullet takes out Hawkeye's kneecap and it's Oubliette... she's back!

glamourpuss #10: Gene Colan once drew an issue of Daredevil in two days to meet a deadline after another artist fell through/lied again and again to his editor.

Great Ten #2: The issue ends with August General in Iron killing the lead god after a resounding battle.

Greek Street #6: Eddie and Sandy are arrested soon after arriving in London, and the issue ends with the Furey boys bribing a guard so they can kill Eddie, while Sandy is released back to her father and mother.

Marvels Project #4: The Human Torch is captured during a mission to kill Hitler that goes wrong thanks to double agent.

Scalped #33: Dash Bad Horse is discovered to be an FBI agent by Red Crow, the issue ending with a gun pressed to Dash's head as Red Crow prepares to kill him.

Siege: The Cabal #1: Norman Osborn's secret enforcer/weapon stands revealed... and it isn't Marvelman. It's Kid Marvelman.

Supergod #2: The Cuban superhuman's creation results in the desctruction of Florida.

Thor #604: Baldur and the Asgardians capture Loki and sentence him to death after Baldur slashes his face with a sword.

What If? Secret Invasion #1: In the lead story, the Skrulls won the secret invasion when, at the end, instead of killing the Skrull Queen, Norman Osborn said "He loves you" and then began mowing down heroes, starting with Spider-Man (of course).

Which one is the real spoiler? I'll edit the post to announce the correct answer around 10 am tomorrow morning. Good luck!

Solution: Thor #604 is the real spoiler. The rest were fakes written by me. Thanks for playing!

Kiss: The End #3

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