Guardians Team-Up #10

Story by
Art by
Mike Norton
Colors by
Jessica Kholinne
Letters by
Cory Petit
Cover by
Marvel Comics

Of all the offbeat possible team-ups under the "Guardians Team-Up" banner, Deadpool and Rocket seem like a no-brainer. As in, "Who's the brains behind this and why didn't this happen sooner?" Writer Tim Seeley and artist Mike Norton, along with Jessica Kholinne on colors and Cory Petit lettering, step up to the task in "Guardians Team-Up" #10.

From the text page to the final panel, Seeley and Norton give the readers a devil-may-care wacky adventure filled with space-bats, bounty hunters and plenty of senseless violence. "Guardians Team-Up" #10 could certainly be more senseless and more violent, but there's an actual plot with concrete (and well-delivered) ramifications at the core of this comic.

That doesn't keep Seeley and Norton from having fun. The natural shared interests between Rocket and Deadpool make for an entertaining exchange between the two and a painful encounter for Macho. Seeley seizes every opportunity to drop puns and even gives readers some fourth-wall-breaking honesty from the Merc with a Mouth. Seeley and Norton don't pepper the issue with that gimmick, however, choosing to use it sparingly -- at the beginning and the end of this issue.

Norton's art is as crisp as ever and the subject matter present in "Guardians Team-Up" #10 gives him an opportunity to stretch a bit, playing with ideas and critters more on scale with his "Battlepug" work than his "Revival" work. Drakillars are certainly in Norton's repertoire now, as he confidently delivers twenty pages of what should be visual non-sequiturs, but Norton stitches everything together nicely and provides reliable storytelling throughout. He even delivers a masterful collection of expressions on the various characters (from semi-mechanical to one-eyed to Rocket and Deadpool) present in these pages. Kholinne's colors are bright and fanciful, appropriate for explosions and aliens and every combination of the two in "Guardians Team-Up" #10. The visuals are topped by Petit's lettering. Deadpool spews most of the dialogue in this book, which Petit presents in "Deadpool style" yellow balloons, but the letterer also gives the Drakillars a unique style while maintaining the raspy balloons readers have come to expect from Rocket Raccoon.

"Guardians Team-Up" #10 is a fun, fast-paced book that remains true to the concept of team-up adventures, right down to the classic misunderstanding fight. Rocket and Deadpool are among the hottest characters in comics right now and Seeley, Norton, Kholinne and Petit certainly appear to have fun playing with the pair. This isn't great drama or fantastic comedy, but it's fun and loud and unapologetic and entertaining.

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