15 Viciously Dank Guardians Of The Galaxy Vs Suicide Squad Memes

As we all know, a lot of fans are very opinionated about their comic book movies. When a studio changes something about their favorite character, they take it personally. They also feel the need to take sides. Growing up, for whatever reason, they either read DC or Marvel comics. They couldn't read both. This obviously translated to their taste in films. As a fanboy, you could either love DC or Marvel movies. You can certainly watch movies from both franchises, but only if you plan on making fun of them to make the other one look better.

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On top of that, there's also the fact that there are countless similarities between the two franchises in terms of characters and plot structures. It is no surprise that people have created countless memes that pit the Guardians of the Galaxy against Suicide Squad since they have the same basic premise: a group of disparaging dirtbags that come together so reluctantly save the world. Although that premise is similar, the execution couldn't be more different. Let's take a look at some of the most hilarious memes that pit the Guardians of the Galaxy against Suicide Squad. Some of the following memes don't necessarily mention both films, but the fanboy war wages on.

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This meme clearly throws some shade towards the Suicide Squad team. It declares, "Everyone's favorite comic book team of assassins, thieves and misfits... And above them are the Suicide Squad." Ouch. In that case, what does that make the Squad? The creator of this meme is clearly stating that the Squad will already play second fiddle to the Guardians.

Any Marvel fanboy would agree wholeheartedly with this meme, although they would most likely go a couple of steps further and really go for some nasty blows. You just have to look at the comment sections on any posts or videos about Suicide Squad and you'll see just how salty they can get. A lot of film critics would also agree with this meme, but don't tell that to any DC fanboys or they'll get furious.


character motivation - guardians-of-the-galaxy-suicide-squad-comics copy

Now obviously the characters had to have different motivations. The group of bad guys obviously doesn't want to do good, while the group of misfits can definitely do good, but they're just misunderstood. There's no misunderstanding the characters in Suicide Squad, each character's entire personality boils down to paper thin characterization that is riddled with clichés. At the end of the day, it boils down to the fact that their motivations remain a gimmick throughout the movie to maintain the group together.

The Guardians come together because despite their differences, they realize there's something bigger than them. Sure, the Squad come together in the end as well, regardless of the explosives in their neck, but it doesn't feel earned like the Guardians, and this meme points out that issue perfectly.



This meme is pretty fair to both DC and Marvel in that it features lousy characters from both companies, however we believe the person who made this meme leans more towards Marvel. There are a few hints that lead us to this conclusion. First, it's a Suicide Squad meme, although surprisingly there are no original Squad memes on the new team. Perhaps it was a little too on the nose.

Either way, we also believe there is a hint that proves that the creator prefers the Marvel equivalent to the Squad, and that is the line "We are Robin," which is a play on "We are Groot" at the end of the first Guardians movie. Except we have a feeling this person isn't such a big fan of Robin since they're gathering the worst of the worst.



Drax the Destroyer spends the entirety of Guardians of the Galaxy scheming to enact his revenge on the man who murdered his wife and daughter: Ronan the Accuser. Over the course of the film, we begin to understand why he has become so hardened by his rage. Drax, after being defeated by Ronan when he took him on solo, comes to the realization that he's been repressing his pain for his loss.

In the meme, Harley Quinn's reaction to that loss is priceless. As we have all come to expect from the character, she couldn't care less about other people's sorrow. If it doesn't affect her personally, it doesn't matter to her in the slightest. So it's only natural for her to make fun of Drax for his sob story.



We're not exactly sure if this is a jab at the movie or a genuine fan who made a great joke, but we really love the fact that Slipknot thought Suicide Squad was mind blowing. The character was the only one that didn't get a proper introduction like the other Squad members, and predictably, he died within minutes to prove that the bombs implanted in the Squad members' necks were indeed real.

The character was completely wasted in the movie. We understand that the point of his death was to prove to the other characters that the stakes are real, but we didn't even have a chance to get to know him or care about him before he was taken out, which greatly takes away from the effect of his death.



Before Guardians of the Galaxy came out in 2014, the film really didn't seem like a safe bet at the box office with a lot of commercial appeal. A big part of that issue was the fact that two of the main characters were a talking raccoon and a tree that incessantly repeats the same three words the entire movie. It doesn't exactly scream box office gold. Miraculously, the film turned out to be fantastic and made trucks full of money during its theatrical run.

It has allowed Marvel to take bigger risks with its movies and it has definitely paid off. But that doesn't take away from the fact that before it came out, a lot of people (especially DC fanboys) thought the idea of a talking tree to be the worst idea Marvel ever put to film, hence the brilliant tomato Groot meme.



Do you remember when you heard the first reactions to Suicide Squad and it got an incredible amount of buzz? People on Twitter were raving about the story and performances and they said that this one would jumpstart the DCEU. It sounded like everything we were hoping for. But then the review embargo lifted, and critics ravaged the movie. You were depressed. It looked like DC was finished.

But then you saw the movie and you were pleasantly surprised, maybe even overjoyed. DC is finally turning things around, you thought. That's exactly what this fantastic meme is portraying. We find it particularly funny because its a callback to the Sad Affleck meme that made its way around social media after Batman v Superman was critically panned.


music cues - guardians-of-the-galaxy-suicide-squad-comics copy

When Guardians of the Galaxy first came out, people flipped out over the music featured in the film. The music fit seamlessly within the context of the film as it is shown through flashback that Peter Quill's mother instilled a love for music in him before he died. When Suicide Squad came along, Warner Brothers were well aware of the success Marvel had with the Guardians film so they were trying to play catch-up.

For their Suicide Squad trailers, they decided to use the same eclectic musical choices as Guardians of the Galaxy and they did the same in the film. The only problem is that the music has absolutely nothing to do with the movie. As this meme points out, they clearly only did it because Guardians did.


guardians galaxy drax meme

Remember how Drax was ultra-serious and took everything everyone said literally in the first Guardians of the Galaxy film? For some reason, he changed entirely in Guardians Vol. 2. We're not exactly sure what happened, but there's definitely an issue here in terms of the consistency of their character. Can someone explain why he laughs so much now? Also, since when did he get a sense of humor? He spends most of the film insulting others, which isn't exactly how he was acting in the previous film. So what gives?

It's a great meme because it points out how peculiar this shift in the character is. It was clearly all done for laughs in Vol. 2, but at the expense of the character they created so lovingly in the first film.



When images first leaked of Jared Leto's haircut for Suicide Squad, we were all pumped. It looked like his take on The Joker would resemble Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's run on the Batman comic books, which would have been absolutely incredible because their version of The Joker was incredibly twisted and would have fit perfectly within the established DCEU.

Even Marvel fanboys conceded that it could have been great. And then we saw the first pictures of Leto in full costume, and a lot of people were let down. Do you remember the film Spring Breakers which starred James Franco as a creepy grill-wearing thug that lured young girls into his underworld? Chances are you don't because the film wasn't exactly popular upon its release. In any case, instead of a decent comic book adaptation of The Joker, we got a clown version of James Franco from Spring Breakers.



You know how hipsters like to tell you how they knew about a band before they became famous? Well the exact mentality applies to fanboys who are so obsessed with the camp they chose, be it the MCU or the DCEU that they're really biased about the film before they even see it. They love to point out how they were always fans of the characters way before the saw the movies.

You could always assume that they read the comic books, but chances are that they didn't. They might vaguely know about the characters, but nothing more than that. We love this meme because it points out how fanboys are prone to love a movie from their respective camp even before it came out. It's a Marvel movie? You needn't say more; it's already loved.



A lot of Marvel fanboys would be quick to point out that Will Smith certainly had a lot of screen time in the movie. In fact, for a movie based around a team, he certainly seemed like one of the few characters that was well-rounded (even if he was still quite cliché). Although we are told throughout the movie that each member of the team is incredibly skilled and dangerous, we really don't get to see much of them in action because Will Smith's Deadshot takes up a lot of the film's runtime.

Even Harley Quinn, who had a decent amount of screen time, was cheated. For a movie about the Squad, it didn't deliver on that front. If anything, it should have been called Deadshot Featuring the Suicide Squad and Sometimes The Joker. But we suppose that title was a little too long.



This fantastic meme makes a reference to a brilliant South Park episode where the boys try to change their TV service because they realized that a lot of what plays on TV doesn't interest them in the slightest. When asked to change the service, the cable company guys get off on the fact that they make it extremely difficult to change their services, so the boys end up stuck with the lousy service they have.

This is exactly what this meme is saying about the DCEU: you may hate the movies, but Warner Brothers is planning more movies within this universe and there's nothing to can do to change it. You'll be stuck watching more and more lousy DC movies for years to come, or at least that's what this meme wants you to think.


female protagonists - guardians-of-the-galaxy-suicide-squad-comics

There really aren't enough strong, well-rounded female protagonists in movies. Gamora may not be the poster girl for the most complex character, but she is clearly leaps and bounds ahead of Harley Quinn. We really wanted to love her. Apart from a few decent jokes (and a lot of terrible jokes that fall flat) she's just a half-naked clown in an abusive relationship, and we expected so much more from her.

What's really upsetting is that Quinn is so one-dimensional that we never even have a chance to understand why an educated psychiatrist would fall for a psychopath and become his lover. It makes absolutely no sense. Gamora, on her end, at least has an intriguing relationship with her father and sister, and the meme does a good job of pointing out how she's a much more well-written character.



Peter Serafinowicz had arguable one of the best and most memorable lines in Guardians of the Galaxy. Serafinowicz played Denarian Saal of the Nova Corps, an intergalactic police unit devoted to holding up justice across the cosmos. When he is first introduced to the Guardians, he utters the famous line: "What a bunch of a-holes." You thought those guys were a bunch of  a-holes? Well you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Two years later, we got ahold of DC's version of the Guardians and they were without a doubt way bigger a-holes for a lot of Marvel fanboys. The meme is hilarious but we also would have accepted "Wait till they get a load of them," as a reference to a far better DC movie, Tim Burton's Batman.

Are you on team Suicide Squad or team Guardians of the Galaxy? Let us know in the comments!

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