Guardians Of The Galaxy: 10 Things The Movies Leave Out About Yondu

Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy

As the Marvel Comics anti-hero gained immense popularity from his live-action performances, there are some important details that the Guardians of the Galaxy movies left out about the space pirate known as Yondu Udonta. Played by Michael Rooker, Yondu was originally supposed to bring the young Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), to his father, Ego (Kurt Russell), but he broke his word. After breaking his deal with Ego, Yondu decided to raise Peter as an intergalactic criminal on his spaceship known as the Eclector. Yondu realized he couldn't keep the truth away from Peter when his father came back into their lives.

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In his comic book origin story, Yondu happens to be last survivor of his extraterrestrial species in the 31st century. Hailing from an alternate earth, Yondu was one of the original founding members to form the superhero team, the Guardians of the Galaxy. With his entire skin colored blue, Yondu has a large red fin sticking out from the back of his shaved head. When his enemies attack, Yondu strikes back by using his trusted arrows. Through sound waves. Yondu can steer, aim, and kill with his arrows just by whistling.

10 Earth-691

Yondu Korvac Saga

There is a different version of Yondu created by Stan Lee, Arnold Drake, and Gene Colan. Making his first appearance in Marvel Super-Heroes #18, Yondu is a hunter tribesman on the future planet of Earth, which has been enslaved by the evil Badoon.

At first thinking his rivals were Badoon guards, Yondu found himself teaming up with Vance Astro, Charlie-27, and Martinex after a case of mistaken identity. Realizing they were working together on the same side and had a common enemy, they formed the space team known as the Guardians of the Galaxy.

9 Centurian

Despite having blue skin, this does not mean Yondu is a member of The Kree, the technologically advanced militaristic race. A game hunter in his spare time, Yondu is a member of  the primitive Zatoan tribe.

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The Zatoans were a tribe of humanoid beings who were natives on the planet, Centuri-IV. The Centurians are a blue species with a red crest on their craniums. More of a religious man, Yondu consults with the gods before he makes a big decision. On a holy path, Yondu believes he shares a oneness with the deity known as Anthos.

8 Mysticism

Because of his spiritual belief in mysticism, Yondu believes he shares a connection with the gods thanks to his intuitive sixth sense. With his instinctive rapport with nature, Yondu can understand and share his feelings with the natural wildlife.

If badly wounded, Yondu can replenish his weakened state and heal himself just by touching an exotic plant. He then absorbs the natural forces of the environment to give himself inner strength.  Because he is a hunter, Yondu needs to feel the presence of his prey and has to sense his surroundings.

7 Earth-616

In the Earth-616 comic book continuity, this Yondu is much closer to his cinematic counterpart. Created by writer Sam Humphries and artist Javier Garron, this Yondu made his first appearance in Star-Lord #2.  In the flashback tale, young Peter Quill had just stolen a spaceship that didn't belong to him and ends up stranded in outer-space.

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Just when he thinks the situation couldn't get any worse, Peter finds himself being robbed by Yondu and his gang of pirates known as The Ravagers. This incarnation of Yondu isn't a surrogate father figure to Peter, but he does serve as a mentor.

6 Yaka Arrow

In the movies, Yondu carries a Yaka Arrow around his belt. Just by whistling a tune, Yondu is about to control the flying arrow psionically, thanks to a cerebral implant. Interestingly enough, the Yaka Arrow is based off the same ones created by the Centrurians on their homeworld.

The Yaka Arrow can suddenly change direction  (but not its speed) after responding to a high-pitched whistle. Knowing what pitch to use, Yondu can direct an arrow to return to his hand or fly past a crowd of bystanders without touching anyone.

5 Guardians 3000

Guardians 30o0 is another name for the Guardians of the Galaxy from the 31st century. Yondu is joined by Charlie-27, Martinex, Starhawk, and Aleta, Vance Astro, and Nikki as they attempt to defeat the Badoon.

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As the last members of their respective alien races, they have teamed up to become peacekeepers of a war-torn universe. They have to unite the last remaining heroes in order to build an army against the Badoon. In the 31st Century, Captain America is still alive thanks to the super-serum, Gladiator from the Shi'ar Empire is still around, and Peter Quill has become king.

4 No Right Hand

Yondu had lost the use of his right hand for some time in the comics. Without his right hand, Yondu was unable to pick up his bow, pull back the string, and target his Yaka Arrow. During his character growth, Yondu had to settle down and learn how to use his new appendage.

There was now a metal cup replacing his right hand. With his weapons at a reduced size, Yondu would hide a hatchet, or a barbed spear, inside his metal cup. Yondu would later replace his metal cup with a bionic weapon, which was shaped like his original hand.

3 Photon

Yondu had always believed that he was last of his kind, until he met Photon. Though Yondu had faith in his beliefs, Photon wanted nothing to do with the old ways of the Centurians. Abandoned by her own parents, Photon was rescued and raised by Interface, the leader of the mercenary group, The Force.

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Even though Interface was responsible for the loss of his right hand, Yondu couldn't stay away from Photon. Yondu thought mating with Photon would help save their race from extinction, but she didn't want anything to do with him.

2 Ravagers

The only reason Yondu kept Peter Quill around his spaceship was because he needed a cleaning boy. After taking out the trash and unclogging toilets as a cleaning boy, Peter was finally accepted into the Ravagers. Peter would then have a falling out with the Ravagers when they decided to steal from NASA.

Still loyal to Earth, Peter did not approve of the Ravagers stealing from the Asterion One and stripping the warp cores from the ship. Unlike the movie, Yondu is still the leader of the Ravagers and has added Kraglin, the Ant-Man's enemy, to the team.

1 Solo Series

Even though the live-action version of the character is dead after sacrificing himself to save Peter, his Earth-616 counterpart is still alive and has his own solo title. In the spinoff series that's coming out soon, the Ravager captain will have his own space adventures and explore new planets while leaving a trail of destruction behind him.

With the creative team of Lonnie Nadler, Zac Thompson, and John McCrea, Yondu will explore the history behind the blue-skinned outlaw as he became the most feared criminal in the galaxy. It's a blank slate to learn more about the popular character who reached his peak in the movies.

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