Guardians of the Galaxy to appear on Japan's 'Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers'

Remember that Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers Japanese cartoon that Marvel announced in October 2013? No? Well, it's a series that ties into merchandise created by Bandai -- specifically, a game called Bachicombat that has similarities to Pogs (remember Pogs?) and ties into the lore of the show, in which Loki trapped a bunch of Marvel heroes in some S.H.I.E.L.D. tech that ordinary kids have to unlock using a Biocode. Yes, it's exactly as ridiculous as it sounds.

Anyway, it premiered in Japan in April 2014 and now, according to io9, the Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers is set to introduce the Guardians of the Galaxy. But while this version of the team certainly takes its cue from the hit film, there's a lot about the design that seems a little off. For example, the element gun/hairdryer that Star-Lord is carrying, or the incredibly cute -- and, as io9 notes, super-creepy -- expression on Rocket Raccoon's balloon-like face.

If you're interested in seeing a really weird version of Groot, and Rocket's ear twitch, check out this Japanese trailer for the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers episode.

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