The Guardians of the Galaxy Recruit an Inhuman to their Cause

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy #5 by Donny Cates, Geoff Shaw, David Curiel and Cory Petit, in stores now.

The new Guardians of the Galaxy have barely had time to gain any sort of traction when they come under attack from multiple fronts. After the death of Thanos, the revelation that the Mad Titan had arranged for his consciousness to be uploaded into someone else sent the biggest forces in the Marvel cosmos hunting for the most likely candidate, the daughter of Thanos, Gamora.

Naturally, the Guardians rushed across the stars to find and protect her, only to come under attack from the Dark Guardians, a strike force put together by Thanos' brother Eros to prevent the return of the supervillain. Both teams fought a spectacular battle in Issue #4, and now Guardians of the Galaxy #5 picks up the pieces. The battle is done, the Dark Guardians have taken Gamora and the proper Guardians of the Galaxy are now stranded on a little rock of a planet, with no ship or means of escape.

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However, they are not without help. Thankfully, Beta Ray Bill knows exactly who to call -- everyone's favorite Inhuman dog, Lockjaw.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Beta Ray Bill Lockjaw

Lockjaw was last seen in another series penned by Guardians of the Galaxy scribe Donny Cates: 2018's Death of the Inhumans, which was illustrated by artist Ariel Olivetti. In the miniseries, Black Bolt and the rest of the Royal Family fought against the Kree and a being named Vox, who almost succeeded in wiping out all Inhumans from existence. The story saw Beta Ray Bill assist the Inhumans in fighting back, all while revealing that he and Lockjaw had fought alongside one another many times before.

This is why now, in his time of need, Bill was able to call upon his Inhuman canine friend. When the two are reunited, we are even given a quick update as to what Black Bolt and his family have been up to since we last saw them in Death of the Inhumans #5. While we don't find out the exact location, Guardians of the Galaxy #5 does confirm that the Royal Family has settled somewhere, a placed described as "a fine choice" by Beta Ray Bill.

Cates even manages to have a bit of fun at his own expense by having Peter Quill wonder aloud how he hasn't heard a thing about this so-called death of the Inhumans. "Not many did," Bill answers, no doubt in reference to the miniseries flying under the radar.

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Once the brief catch-up is done, however, it's back to the mission at hand. Thanks to Lockjaw's powerful sense of smell and teleportation abilities, he is able to get a lock (pun intended) on Gamora, teleporting the entire team off the planet and to her location.

As it stands, it's difficult to say if Lockjaw has officially joined the new Guardians of the Galaxy or if he just put in a cameo appearance to help his friend Beta Ray Bill. If the latter is the case, then at least we know that the Inhuman dog is on retainer, just a space phone call away.

However, when dealing with battles all across the cosmos, it sure could come in handy to have a teleporting dog permanently on the team. With Rocket Raccoon currently missing, there is definitely a spot open for a lovable furry creature on the Guardians roster. And it's not like Lockjaw has any other place (read: comic series) to be right now.

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