Guardians of the Galaxy meet Bowie, G.I. Joe in new tees

If you're a Guardians of the Galaxy fan with a taste for slightly retro T-shirts, we have a couple of suggestions for how you can spend a little of that holiday cash.

RIPT takes us back to the '70s with "Ziggy Starlord," which mashes together David Bowie and Peter Quill in the best possible way. If a T-shirt isn't to your liking, Piercek25's design is also available as a hoodie, a baby's onesie, poster or coaster. They're only available for another 10 hours or so, however.

Woot!, meanwhile, is offering Mezakoo's ode to G.I. Joe with "Real Galactic Heroes," which features the classic red, white and blue banner and the G.O.T.G. Priced at $12, there's also a ticking clock on this one.

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