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Guardians of the Galaxy, Man of Steel, The Avengers 2: May 27th Comic Reel

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Guardians of the Galaxy, Man of Steel, The Avengers 2: May 27th Comic Reel


HitFix has posted a semi-synopsis of what we know about “Guardians of the Galaxy” so far, including a new rumor that Marvel has made an offer to John C. Reilly to play a character named Rhomann Dey, a character in the Marvel Comics universe that was the leader of the Nova Corps. According to the HitFix report, the character is a human agent that will act as the Agent Coulson of the “Guardians” films.

Opens August 1, 2014


A new TV spot for “Man of Steel” has hit, highlighting the relationship between Superman and his father.

Opens June 14


Comic Book Movie has posted an excerpt from Empire Magazine’s interview with Joss Whedon, where “The Avengers 2” director spoke briefly about the film and about its theoretical and unknown main villain.

“I’m very excited about the villain, and have a lot to say about him. But if you watch my shows, the one thing I’ve never been very good at is guest stars, because I’ve always been so interested in the ensemble,” Whedon told Empire. “With the Avengers, I’m still most fascinated by them. How do these guys feel, and what’s the way they conflict and what’s the unexpected way they connect? Forming a team is one story; being a team is a very different story. The other thing is, you don’t try to top it. I know I will never make as pleasing a moment in a film as Hulk and Loki. You can’t chase that dragon. If you try to do exactly the same thing, the chances you’re going to do it better are very slim, and the only reason for me to devote three years to making another ‘Avengers’ movie is the hope of making a better one.”

The director also discussed “Avengers 2” on Jimmy Fallon, confirming the inclusion of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in the current draft of the film.

Here’s one of the most interesting aspects of Quicksilver — he may also be in Bryan Singer’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” which means Marvel and Fox are reportedly in a standoff for the character. Right now, it means viewers will see two different versions of the character in their respective franchise films. Whedon won’t be able to refer to Quicksilver as a mutant and can’t reference Magneto. Similarly, Singer won’t be able to reference The Avengers. It’s unfortunate that there won’t be any crossover between the two franchises, but it was expected.

Opens May 1, 2015


IGN spoke with Joss Whedon about his upcoming “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” television series, where he spoke about how much Marvel interconnectivity there will be between the show, the films and the comics.

“It’s not what the show is about. The show is about the six people who are in the show,” Whedon told IGN. “And very week we’ll meet somebody that they have to deal with. Some of those people will be very sympathetic, some of them will be evil, some will be from the Marvel canon, some will reference it — but it’s not an Easter egg hunt. It really is just about the lives of these people as they’re dealing with this super-world.”

Premieres Tuesdays on ABC this fall.


Empire Online has posted this month’s cover for Empire Magazine featuring “The Wolverine.” Check it out below.

Opens July 26


Comic Book Movie has posted a round-up of behind-the-scenes photos from Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man,” including a pre-CGI look at the Rhino.

Marc Webb has also posted a new behind-the-scenes tweet that implies the destruction of Oscorp in the second film.

Opens May 2, 2014


The official “Pacific Rim” Facebook page has posted a new TV spot for Guillermo Del Toro’s film.

Opens July 12

IRON MAN 3 has posted photos of Andrea Dopaso’s designs for “Iron Man 3,” including the Mandarin’s rings and designs for Pepper Potts’ necklace made of Tony Stark’s chest shrapnel.

Now in theaters

THIEF OF THIEVES spoke with Robert Kirkman about his “Thief of Thieves” series and the current status of the AMC television series.

“We’re still moving forward,” Kirkman told EW. “We’re trying to nail all that down right down. But these processes can be very long and involved. That’s something that we’re still trying to figure.”


While the show might be currently off the air, video game developer Little Orbit has posted the first real trailer for the upcoming “Young Justice: Legacy” game, which fills in the gap between season one and season two of “Young Justice.”

Got any rampant rumors or weird comic book stuff? Be sure to drop us an email or sling us a webline on Twitter!

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