Guardians of the Galaxy Almost Became A Magical High School Girls Comic

The Guardians of the Galaxy have been through a lot in recent years. They've become movie icons, video game characters, collectible toys and even a Disney attraction. But one area that our cosmic heroes never got to cover is the famous magical girl high school trope.

Yes, you read that right.

While Marvel editor Jordan White had time for a brief Q&A on Twitter, Generation X writer Christina Strain revealed that at one point the two of pitched a concept that would have reframed the Guardians in the vein of Sailor Moon or Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

For those who didn't grow up reading manga or watching anime, the "magical girl" genre is exactly what it sounds like -- girls with magic powers who sometimes transform into their heroic forms in a colorful, spectacular animation sequence. For the Guardians version, Peter Quill would've been a woman, while Rocket Raccoon would have become a violent animal mascot. (Not all that different from how he is now, but a girl and with no guns.) As for Drax, well... he'd still be a dude.

Sadly, as cool as that all sounds, Strain confirmed that the concept never got past the pitching stage, and will very likely never actually see the light of day. The closest that you'll be able to get is the mobile game Marvel Avengers Academy where the Guardians are high school characters. Yes, even Groot.

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