Guardians of the Galaxy Join the Avengers in Infinity War LEGO Sets

As the heroes of Marvel's Cinematic Universe come together for Avengers: Infinity War, some spoilerific LEGO sets give us a better look at the Guardians of the Galaxy fighting alongside the Avengers.

We've already heard how Thor will be spending some time with Star-Lord and co., maybe even crafting his new weapon, but the latest LEGO reveal shows what the rest of the team will be doing. Of course, LEGO sets can only hint at certain scenes of the movie, but these tease some major showdowns between the Guardians of the Galaxy and Thanos' Black Order, as well as the man himself.

Shared by Brickset, there are six in Infinity War boxes to assemble, with each showcasing a different part of the movie. After a Hasbro leak revealed the God of Thunder's new weapon, Stormbreaker, you can see it in all its LEGO glory with the "Thor's Weapon Quest Set." It was no surprise that Thor would be seeking help from the Guardians after the trailers spoiled where he ended up after Ragnarok, and we're guessing that this scene comes relatively early on in Infinity War.

In contrast, the set “Thanos: The Ultimate Battle” appears to come toward the climax of the film. While we know that purple badass will be surviving the events of Infinity War to make it into Avengers 4, LEGO indicates he'll cross paths with Star-Lord, Gamora and Iron Man. As well as a suped-up version of the Milano, fans can also spot the Infinity Gauntlet with the Reality Stone embedded. The Reality Stone was last seen being held in the Collector's possession at Knowhere, so this may indicate further confirmation of at least a cameo from Benicio Del Toro in Infinity War.

While the Guardians have been largely absent from the various Infinity War trailers, at least the LEGO sets that they will have plenty to do while trying to stop the Mad Titan assembling the stones in the Infinity Gauntlet. For those fearing that our favorite space cowboys would be sidelines in favor of big names like Iron Man and Captain America, fear not -- Infinity War looks like it is giving everyone their time to shine like an Infinity Stone.

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