Out Of This World: 15 Mind-Blowing Guardians Of The Galaxy Cosplays

We’ve all been there as children, putting on a cape and pretending to be a superhero. Well, that’s evolved into recreating costumes in real life and sharing those outfits with the rest of the world. Cosplaying is bigger than ever, and there are some incredible designs from films, TV shows and comics that truly bring some of our favorite characters to life. And with Comic-Con’s seeing a rise in attendance each year, the amount of insane cosplays also rises -- and we love it. There’s something about seeing characters in a realistic way that inspires wonder. It’s hard not to try your hardest in questioning how some creators bring the wildest of designs to life.

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And since characters like the Guardians of the Galaxy became incredibly popular -- there are an infinite amount of impressive costumes that debut all the time. Some designs are homemade and creatively slick, whilst some are at a near professional level that can blow your mind. Make-up, accessories, clothes, padding, foam, sewing and stitching. It’s all here. It’s worth saying that these costumes aren’t ranked, they’re included in the list because they impressed us! We’ve brought some incredibly inventive costumes for you, here are 15 out of this world Guardians of the Galaxy cosplays.


Norwegian cosplayer Karin Olava brought the cybernetically enhanced assassin known as Nebula to life with her completely dedicated look. Each portion of the outfit just looks perfect, as if she’s leapt right out from the screen and into real life. But with the brightness of the costume, she also looks like she could have walked off the page of a comic too. It’s great.

That metal arm is incredibly detailed and looks like it could do some serious damage. Her facial expression really captures the intimidating nature of the character as she weighs up the pros and cons of killing the poor photographer. The colors used on Olava’s skin really stand out alongside the costume, and she looks like she's ready to take down any threat that comes her way.


During Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the chemistry between Drax and Mantis was at first a little forced -- but slowly turned into something quite sweet. Since she’s quite a naïve and almost playful character, there are some hilarious moments in the film that stem from her. And that’s something that MakeupPiggy has captured perfectly in her cosplay as the character adopted by Ego.

The green outfit is a brightly colored interpretation of Mantis, and the antenna’s on her head blend in almost seamlessly. The rivets on her costume plus the little strap around her thumb are a nice touch. Plus, the architecture behind her could even pass for the type of buildings that Ego built on himself (there’s a sentence we never thought we would write).


This one’s so good, it’s been endorsed by Stan Lee himself. What was the world like before 2014, before Groot stole the hearts of millions? We don’t want to remember. It’s incredible how a film managed to make people care about a walking tree who could only say “I/We are Groot”. Propcustomz was one of those people enchanted by the character, and had to bring him to life.

His incredibly detailed walking costume shows an adult Groot with a moss covered body (although we don’t think he can extend his arms like he did in that final battle). But at Dallas Expo, the creator managed to snag this photo with Stan Lee, who told him to “Take your Groot, and keep growing”. Don’t you just love Stan Lee? And don’t you just love this costume!


Before she became part of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Gamora was out for the orb aka the Power Stone. And because it was in the possession of one infamous Star-Lord, she had to take it by any means necessary. Here, AlyTheKitten brings to life that past version of Gamora before she realized she was better off with a team.

She used Kryolan aqua colors to achieve Gamora’s green skin, and it looks phenomenal. The silver marks on her forehead are a tiny detail, but work so well on the cosplayer alongside the rest of her outfit. And then there’s the wig. The dark red contrasts amazingly against the brightly colored tips that really pin down the striking look that she’s rocking. We wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of this one.


There are so many different Star-Lord cosplays around, it was extremely difficult to choose just a few versions that we really liked. But here’s the last one, promise. And it’s by Jason Koch, who seems to be pretty good at emulating Peter Quill. Just head over to his Instagram, and you’ll see what we mean. But in this photo -- he looks very similar to Chris Pratt, don’t you think?

Maybe it’s the cheeky grin or just the costume, but he’s definitely got a similar look about him. The headphones are a nice touch alongside the Walkman. But the hand resting on his pistol is what really brings the costume together. It’s the cocky attitude of Quill that comes to life just through a simple position. Koch is clearly having a lot of fun playing around as Star-Lord.


If we hadn’t been searching for cosplay outfits, we would have assumed that this was a promo photograph of Lee Pace as Ronan. It’s uncanny how alike Elendriel Alastair looks like the Marvel villain. The piercing eyes behind the purple contacts look quite menacing in a simple way. And although the black facial paint doesn’t look like the same texture as the alien goo from the film, the rest of the armor looks incredible.

The intricate detail on each individual piece shows the dedication the creator has, and it really pays off. Just look closer at the chest piece and the legs and you’ll see what we mean. The dark red symbol across his chest also looks almost bloody -- and maybe that’s the intent. Ronan may not have been the most memorable villain, but this cosplay certainly is.


Oh come on, you knew we had to include a Mary Poppins version of Yondu, right? The now iconic line “I’m Mary Poppins y’all!”, shouted by Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 obviously inspired many cosplayers -- but this one might have to be our favorite of the bunch. Cindy Salvus Arts created this look, which incorporates Yondu’s Ravager allegiance with a Mary Poppins inspired twist.

She uses a waistcoat, shirt and tie over a navy blue undershirt to combine the characters together in a striking image. And with the red fin on top of her head, the cosplayer almost seems to be rocking a steampunk vibe with the character design. She’s got the facial scar, the ravager logo and of course the signature arrow – this is a great costume. And we’re loving it.


Before James Gunn and the Marvel Cinematic Universe gave us our new definitive versions of the Guardians of the Galaxy, the 2008 team looked radically different. A whole new color-scheme and completely different style of outfit. Here, Jonathan Duran has brought that version to life. The outfit is mainly blue, with dark red highlights around his chest and covering his gloves.

If you’re not familiar with the original comics but know the films, this is what Star-Lord’s helmet looked like, it’s quite a good translation from the page to real life. There’s also a bigger inclusion of the Ravager/Guardians logo on the chest, something that the films use as patches on the side of uniforms. Since there are lots of Chris Pratt Star-Lord cosplays, it’s refreshing to see some 2008 Quill looks.


Look, we know he hasn’t made his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet -- but it’s obvious that at some point we’re going to have a version of Nova at some point. He’s teamed up with the Guardians on numerous occasions, so it’s only fair we get a cinematic adaptation. We’ve already had the Nova Corps, which are a Galactic police force, it’s only a matter of time before Richard Ryder or Sam Alexander get their live action debut.

Here, we get a look at what a Richard Ryder costume could look like in the flesh, and it’s an impressive piece of work found by Superhero Hype. The light up parts of the costume alongside the helmet look incredible, as if he’s leapt off the page.


This Yondu cosplay is about as close as we’ll get before we get into Michael Rooker territory. It was designed by prosthetic make-up artist, Bryan Steisiek, who has previously worked on The Amazing Spider-Man. But this cosplay is ultra-realistic. He uses his skills to make the Ravager come to life with an intimidating result. The make-up on the cosplayer’s head has been sculpted to have the same texture and scars as Rooker in the movie, including the few scratches and cuts he gets in the climactic battle.

And then there’s the implant allowing him to control the arrow. The way he folded the prosthetic to make the implant look like it’s protruding from the skull is creepily effective. Alongside the red contacts and the false teeth, this movie standard anti-hero really comes to life.


We all know about the painstaking process that it took to apply the make-up on Dave Bautista to bring Drax to life. So imagine the grit and determination needed to bring this look to life. For starters, there’s the work out. This cosplayer spotted at San Diego Comic-Con in 2015 has clearly been working out to achieve a great figure to match Drax. And then there’s the tattoos.

This body paint is meticulous and incredibly detailed, it looks like the real designs. The orange prison trousers are a nice nod to Drax’s time spent in prison during the start of the first film. We don’t doubt that this cosplayer would quite happily murder Thanos in his sleep. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the identity of this Drax -- so apologies if you’re reading this. Please don’t hunt us down and take revenge. Thanks.


Back in 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy was a risky move for Marvel. The team weren’t a huge name in comics, they were well established but didn’t have the fame of characters Captain America and Iron Man. But the flawed, roguish antiheroes struck a chord with many fans, one of them being Nebula. And here, we found the first Nebula cosplay to be spotted by Karen Gillan at Wizard Con. The actress even tweeted the picture.

Including the red leather, the robotic arm, the twin swords and the iconic cybernetic enhancements on her head. Gillan is clearly pretty impressed with the fact her performance already resonating with people in creative ways. There have been plenty of Nebula cosplays in the past three years -- but this one just seems kind of special.


This is a pretty adorable cosplay, seeing a mini version of the two heroes in one that just works so perfectly. Everything down from the red leather jacket, the headphones, the Walkman and yes, Baby Groot -- is "aw"-inducing. What’s great about this look, is that it’s simple and doesn’t overcomplicate things.

Sure, the flashy and technical costumes can be incredible. But sometimes, simplicity wins the day. This photo taken by KjerstenGallagher really captures the effect that films and characters can have on kids. The Baby Groot POP! Funko figure just ties the whole look together. Also, the boy has a look of Wyatt Oleff, the actor who played a younger version of Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy, so there’s that too.


Look, we know he’s not part of the Guardians, but he was in the first film and one of the biggest villains of the MCU. This truly impressive cosplay of the Mad Titan, Thanos is something else. Wow. We knew he was a big guy, and this cosplay really captures how terrifying he could be in real life. The expression on his face is in something of a death stare. We wouldn’t want to be one of the Avengers facing this guy down. Interestingly, this cosplay isn’t sporting the Infinity Gauntlet.

So he’s still got a way to go before conquering the galaxy. But the effort that has gone into this costume is incredible. His iconic blue and gold outfit really stands out amongst the crowd, and not just because of his height. This Mad Titan by Prizmatec really gets us hyped for Infinity War.


When Halloween rolls around, seeing who has the best outfit can become a little competitive. However, we think we may have found one of the best Rocket outfits around from 2015. Christine Borchardt designed the costume for her then five-year-old completely by herself. There’s great attention to detail in Rocket’s outfit from the first film, with each piece nearly identical to the real/CGI thing.

She molded the mask herself, and it looks like the jaw is able to move when her son talked. The thing we were quite impressed with was making Rocket’s back paws into trainers, so that her son could walk around without worrying about getting his feet dirty. Let’s just hope the kid wasn’t as rude or violent as Rocket when going trick or treating…

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