Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art Shows Different Look For Iconic Scene

One of the most iconic scenes in Guardians of the Galaxy occurs towards the end of the movie, when the titular team unites for their final battle against Ronan the Accuser. The shot, which shows the entire team walking together, became one of film's most recognizable moments, having been used in trailers and other marketing materials. Concept art reveals what an early version of that scene looked like.

Concept artist Charlie Wen posted an early version of the scene to Instagram. As in the final version seen in the film, the concept art features all five characters walking towards the screen. There's a sense of swagger to them, and Star-Lord stands front and center. He's flanked by Gamora and Drax, who have more dynamic poses than in the film version. Rocket holds an oversized cannon while an imposing Groot follows behind the team.

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The costumes in the concept art look more dynamic, and seem to be inspired by the look of space suits. In contrast, the final version looks more matte, with the costume's made of leather. The tone of the image is also quite different, as there's a definite air of confidence in the concept art. However, the film's version of this shot subverts expectations, with the Guardians looking rather nonplussed, and a disinterested Gamora even yawning.

In the accompanying post, Wen wrote, “In designing the costumes for these films, it was never a hand-off and hand wash. It was important to make sure what went on the screen was what I/my department designed.”

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Although the majority of the team perished in Avengers: Infinity War, the Guardians are expected to return in Avengers: Endgame and, eventually, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which has been delayed indefinitely following the firing of director James Gunn.

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