'Guardians of the Galaxy' Co-Writer Nicole Perlman to Rewrite 'Wool' Film Adaptation

20th Century Fox has hired "Guardians of the Galaxy" co-writer Nicole Perlman to rewrite the film adaptation to the best-selling Amazon eBook "Wool" by Hugh Howey.

According to TheWrap, Perlman has been brought on to rework the script originally written by J Blakeson for producers Ridley Scott, Steve Zaillian and Garrett Basch. The producers plan to take the reworked script out to directors afterward.

The futuristic sci-fi novel takes on an Earth where the air has become unbreathable, forcing humanity to live underground in a giant silo. The self-published eBook became a massive critical and financial success through word-of-mouth and was one of Hollywood's hottest projects, involved in a very intense bidding war in 2012, to which 20th Century Fox emerged the victor.

Along with "Wool," Perlman is also working on a "Captain Marvel" film for Marvel Studios alongside "Inside Out" writer Meg LaFauve.

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