Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman/Superman, Agent Carter: August 28th Comic Reel


Vin Diesel may be closer than ever to voicing Groot in "Guardians of the Galaxy." During an interview for "Riddick" with The Hollywood Reporter, Diesel stated he was originally approached to star in a new IP for Marvel Studios that might begin Phase Three, but the talks changed to have him voice Groot instead.

"I guess after they watched 'Iron Giant' or whatever, they came up with this idea of taking kind of the strangest Marvel character that's ever hit film, and thought what I could do with that, with motion capture and with my voice," Diesel said. "That's what they presented. I thought it was a really great idea on behalf of Marvel, and now it's just up to my reps to allow that to happen."

Opens August 1, 2014


Although it's not really news, Ben Affleck's colleague Matt Damon has responded to Affleck's casting as the Dark Knight. While speaking with Times of India, Damon came out in support of his friend and "Good Will Hunting" collaborator.

"I think it will be great. It will be terrific. I know there are a lot of people grousing on the internet. I just think it's kind of funny," Damon said. "You know, he's not playing King Lear. It's Batman! Certainly within his skill set. If anybody saw Argo or The Town, and all the work he's been doing lately, it's way more nuanced and interesting and way more difficult than Batman! Batman just sits there with his cowl over his head and whispers in a kinda gruff voice at people. Bruce Wayne is the more challenging part of the role, and Ben will be great at that."

Opens July 17, 2015


Bleeding Cool has posted a featurette of interviews for "Agent Carter" conducted at Comic-Con International with star Hayley Atwell and director Louis D'Esposito. Check it out below.

Debuts on "Iron Man 3" Blu-ray on September 24


Two new trailers for "Riddick" have hit online featuring stars Vin Diesel and Katee Sackhoff.

Opens September 6


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly (posted online by Comic Book Movie), "Avengers: Age of Ultron" director Joss Whedon discussed how "The Avengers" prepped him for the sequel.

"I want to be clearer about how I engage the audience, and where I take them," Whedon told EW. "I want more control visually, more time to prep it. Not that I didn't dictate every shot - I did. But there's only so much you can do when you're making a summer film when the ball is already rolling as fast as it was when I got in. Why do it again if you can't do it better?"

Opens May 1, 2015


The CW has released a promotional poster for "Arrow" season two that teases a higher profile for the trio of Oliver Queen, John Diggle and Felicity Smoak. Check it out below.

Debuts October 9 on the CW


Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater spoke with CBR about "It's Archie," the new animated series based on the comic series.

"We're planning on 'It's Archie' being on the air in the fall of 2014," Goldwater told CBR. "So basically, a year after 'Sabrina' launches, we'll have Archie on the air, and we'll have comics to support them, 100%. We're already working on something internally with Sabrina. As far as Archie, we're just getting started with the animation. So our publishing energies will be on the Sabrina side for now because it's right here, but we're going to support it digitally, with a comic, with trades and on down the line. We believe in this 100%."

Airs in 2014

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