Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, Ender's Game: May 3rd Comic Reel


"Iron Man 3" is officially released in the U.S. today. If you're curious as to whether you should go see it, check out CBR staffer Josie Campbell's spoiler-free "Iron Man 3" review.

"It would be easy to see Iron Man as nothing more than a bank account with fists, a billionaire playboy who can buy new suits whenever he needs," Campbell says of the film. "It's even easy to see him as a knockoff Batman, especially since both the 'Iron Man' franchise and Christopher Nolan's 'Dark Knight' trilogy approached superheroes from the same ultra-realistic and grounded perspective. Black and Downey's Tony Stark isn't a superhero because he was in the comics. He earns the title."

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With Zoe Saldana confirmed for the role of Gamora in "Guardians of the Galaxy," news outlets have begun to ask her about what she plans to bring to the role. While she hasn't been able to reveal much, the actress told Total Film that she'll play Gamora with makeup rather than CGI or performance capture.

Absolute Radio spoke with Saldana on the red carpet for the "Star Trek Into Darkness" premiere, where she spoke a bit on her experience with the "Guardians" comic.

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SuperHeroHype has a massive interview with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, who was able to give some insight as to why it's taken so long to get Edgar Wright's "Ant-Man" off the ground.

"The primary reason is because I met a very talented filmmaker who was about my age almost ten years ago, we got along very well," Feige told SuperHeroHype. "He had a movie called 'Shaun of the Dead' which hadn't come out yet and he said he really wanted to meet to talk about 'Ant-Man' ... and this was even before we were on the studio. This was just at the dawn of us even discussing becoming our own studio. But we met with him, he had a cool idea and when we became our own studio, we hired him and Joe Cornish, who as you know, went on to do 'Attack the Block' and become a very talented filmmaker in his own right. At the time he hadn't done much at all but we really believed in him and we believed in Edgar and they delivered a draft that was sort of unlike anything we'd done before that was sort of wholly Edgar and wholly Marvel and a very fun spin on the Ant-Man mythology. And if you've seen the in-progress test we showed at Comic-Con last year and there's been some clips of it we've released. People go like, 'Ant-Man, is that a joke? What happens? He talks to ants?' And Edgar and his team put together this test of basically just Ant-Man going down the hallway and it is so kick-ass and so bad-ass, people instantly go, 'Oh, I get it! Now we see what it can be.' And that of course is only 1% of what the movie is, but it's certainly enough to get people to realize, 'Oh, that's why you've been thinking about this for so long.'"

Entertainment Weekly also posted its full interview with Feige, which contained a few tidbits about the ant-sized film, including what options they've explored for casting the lead role.

"We've talked about various names over the past eight years but as you can imagine they keep changing as time goes by," Feige told EW. "But towards the end of this year, we'll buckle down and start casting and start refining the script, which is great and which is very Edgar. He has done a great job being incredibly true to the comics but is putting his own spin on it, so we'll be drawing on multiple mythologies for this one."


The other Phase Two films, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and "Thor: The Dark World" had some more new concept art released, one is a photo of Thor, while the other gives a better look at Sebastian Stan's Winter Soldier.


The official "Ender's Game" Facebook page has posted a first glimpse at footage for the upcoming film.

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"The Wolverine" star Hugh Jackman answered Twitter fan questions with video responses yesterday for some interesting new information both on the upcoming film and "X-Men: Days of Future Past."

Simon P "Anything you can tell us about #X-Men #DaysofFuturePast?"

- Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) May 2, 2013

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BBC News spoke with "Star Wars Episode VII" director J.J. Abrams about his approach to directing the fan-favorite franchise.

"There's a story that we are working on that's a small comedy drama, that I assumed would be the next movie I was going to direct," Abrams told BBC. "And then Star Wars came along. It was one of those things where Star Wars felt like one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that forced me to stop and reconsider whatever the rulebook was."


Much like the situation with the Daredevil rights last month, the rights to Ghost Rider are now back with Marvel Studios -- and much like Daredevil, there are no current plans for the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"Whenever a character comes back to us, it's usually because because the other studios don't want to make the movies anymore -- and that usually means the [previous] movies have not been well-received," Kevin Feige said. "They all have potential, but we're not going to say, 'We got it back -- make it!"


Variety reports Ingrid Bolso Berdal has been cast in Brett Ratner's adaptation of Radical Comics' "Hercules." Berdal will play the female lead, a warrior who fights alongside Dwayne Johnson's Hercules. The actress joins a cast that includes Johnson, Ian McShane, Joseph Fiennes, John Hurt and Rebecca Ferguson.

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