Guardians of the Galaxy #11

Story by
Art by
Wes Craig
Colors by
Wil Quintana
Letters by
Joe Caramagna
Cover by
Marvel Comics

The last we saw Phyla-Vell a.k.a. Quasar, and Drax the Destroyer, they were brutally slain by Mentor. Now they appear on the cover of this issue with the equally dead Captain Marvel. Stands to reason there's a little "afterlife" party going on of some sort. That's where "Welcome to Oblivion" opens.

The issue draws itself from a metaphysical discussion between Drax and Quasar regarding where they are. Some of the offered possibilities are: "Decay and Ennui," "Oblivion," "Despair," and "Vague Disappointment." Drax locks onto the fact that it's all symbolic. But Abnett and Lanning are very quick to remove the symbolism and hit the duo with a confrontation most unexpected. Immune to the "War of Kings" raging in other regions of the Marvel Universe, Abnett and Lanning have crafted a tale of promise, remorse and action, using only three characters.

This book has been subject to something resembling an artistic carousel since Paul Pelletier was removed and placed on the previously mentioned "War of Kings," but Was Craig's work here, coupled with Wil Quintana's colors, provides some of the most ethereal visuals I've seen in a long time. Craig uses washes and patterns that Quintana amazingly finds ways to accentuate or chooses to leave alone. The collaboration between the two gives the book a painterly effect in many areas. Considering the setting and the subjects, that painterly expression imbues this story with some pretty raw emotion. That's fitting considering the quest Drax and Quasar are on.

I first came across this title almost a year ago as my first review for CBR, and in the time since, this title has become one of very few that I would not surrender, save for cancellation. Although this title features less-than-popular characters, the writers bring an enthusiasm to the title that permeates the characters and has inspired every artist assigned to contribute to this book. While this chapter of "Guardians of the Galaxy" chose to focus the camera away from the action of "War of Kings" the interaction is going to hit -- and hard -- very soon. I strongly recommend you jump on board soon. This is one book that delivers every month.

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