Guardians Of The Galaxy: 5 Reasons Star-Lord Will Win Gamora Back Over (& 5 He Might Fail)

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One of the most shocking moments in Avengers: Infinity War was seeing Thanos sacrifice his daughter Gamora in his quest for the Infinity Stones. Though a past version of Gamora is pulled into the future in Avengers: Endgame, it's clear that her relationship with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and specifically Star-Lord, has changed.

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The stage seems to be set for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 to focus on repairing that relationship, but it's hard to guess which way it will go. Though we're rooting for these two to get back together, there are a lot of hurdles to overcome. Here are some of the reasons Star-Lord will win Gamora back and some reasons he could fail.

10 Win: A Good Couple

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Though they didn't quite see eye-to-eye as soon as they met, it was quite clear that there was something between them. Peter Quill even pointed out their unspoken love was just like the typical sitcom romance. Even Gamora seems to admit to it by the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Despite their differences, these two just make sense together. It might take some time before realizes it again, but she seems destined to find her way back to Star-Lord eventually.

9 Fail: Unstable Romance

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Though they did seem to be in love in Infinity War, that was a major leap from where they were in the previous films. We only got to see them together for a brief time as an actual couple before Gamora was taken by Thanos and subsequently killed.

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Given the tumultuous relationship they previously had, it's fair to say these two still have a rather unstable romance. While part of them wants to be together, their constant bickering suggests that maybe they are too different after all and maybe the relationship was meant to be short-lived.

8 Win: The Same Gamora

When the past version of Gamora meets Star-Lord in Endgame, she seems like a very different person. She is violent and untrusting towards him. However, she is not that far removed from the Gamora we know.

Gamora who comes from the past is from 2014, which means she is basically the same character introduced in the first film. She is already planning on abandoning Thanos and taking a more heroic path. Given that Vol. 2 takes place three months after that, she's not too different from the Gamora who falls in love with Quill.

7 Fail: A New Path

Though this past version of Gamora is not far from the one we were introduced to, she is certainly on a different path. We meet Gamora as a strong warrior desperately trying to escape her father and the horrible things he made her do. She does so by finding a group of outcasts she fits in with.

Gamora in Endgame has seen her father destroyed, the sister she's known killed and a band of heroes who she does not know. She probably feels like she is alone in the world and might not have that same feeling of acceptance in the Guardians and with Star-Lord.

6 Win: He's Changed

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Star-Lord was introduced in the MCU as a goofy and somewhat selfless rogue. He was mostly concerned with making himself rich, but he has changed quite a bit in that time. He has put his life on the line many times to save the day and to save his loved ones.

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Though Gamora may have once been annoyed with Quill's selfish ways, his new persona might make her fall for him quicker this time around. He has grown into a man that she eventually loves so she might just discover those feelings immediately.

5 Fail: He's Still Immature

Star-Lord certainly has changed but he still has a lot of progress to make. His most glaring problem is that he is incredibly immature and that hasn't really changed too much. He couldn't even manage to take the showdown with Thanos seriously and, of course, there was the incredibly dumb decision to attack Thanos as the other Avengers were trying to remove the gauntlet.

Gamora eventually learned to embrace her own fun side through Quill but we're now starting from scratch. Gamora is a serious and deadly warrior who is uninterested in jokes or dancing. Quill might just annoy her.

4 Win: Peter's Regret

Loss can be a pretty big motivator for a person. Despite his immaturity, it was clear that losing Gamora hurt Quill a great deal. When he sees her again on the battlefield, it's heartbreaking to relief in his face to see her again.

After losing her once, it's not likely Quill is going to let it happen again. He will do whatever it takes to get her back. Again, it probably won't be an easy or quick process for him, but he will help her realize what they mean to each other.

3 Fail: Thor

Though the Guardians may have lost Gamora for the time being, they did pick up a new notable addition to their crew. Thor has chosen to accompany them on their cosmic adventures and already seems to be butting heads with Star-Lord at the end of Endgame.

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Though Thor was not in the best of shape when we last saw him, if he puts himself back together, he could be a real threat for Quill. The other Guardians are clearly impressed by the God of Thunder and even Gamora was checking out his ample muscles. There could be a love triangle on the horizon.

2 Win: Hindsight

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Though there are obstacles in his way, Quill did win Gamora's heart once so there's no reason he shouldn't be able to do it again. Quill also has the benefit of hindsight to help him realize what worked the first time and what didn't work.

It might seem a bit dishonest to use such an advantage in making Gamora fall in love with him again. However, Quill also has the knowledge that Gamora does love him and that might help him continue to try and win her back.

1 Fail: Gamora's Rebellious Side

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Quill might know that Gamora eventually falls in love with him, but now Gamora has been told that as well. Nebula apparently informed past Gamora of her relationship with Quill, something that Gamora has a hard time believing once she meets him. But could that knowledge actually ruin the chance of them getting back together?

Being told you're eventually going to fall in love with this person sort of takes the romance out of it. Gamora abandons the Guardians at the end of Endgame, so it might be that she is not willing to follow the path already laid out for her.

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