This Fan Theory May Crack Guardians of the Galaxy's Final Major Easter Egg

Guardians of the Galaxy

Four years after the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, fans are still searching for the Marvel film's last remaining major Easter egg. Director James Gunn has confirmed the occasional minor find, like the word "Excelsior" in the Skrull language, but despite the best efforts of eagle-eyed viewers, he insists the Easter egg is still hidden. However, a new candidate has entered the race with a discovery convincing -- and big -- enough that it could very well be the one.

In a new video, YouTube user Second Son makes essentially a two-part case for the final major Guardians Easter egg being tied to none other than ... the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus.

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As The Collector explains the Infinity Stones to the Guardians, we glimpse a humanoid face that Second Son identifies as the Sentience of the Universe, a cosmic abstract from Marvel comics that's essentially the embodiment of life in the previous universe. As that universe began to collapse upon itself, the Sentience found one of the last remaining sentient life forms, the explorer Galan of the planet Taa. They joined together to form a cosmic egg (that's cosmic, not Easter) from which they were reborn in the new universe as Galactus, perhaps best known as the enormous, planet-consuming, purple-clad Fantastic Four foe.

The second part of Second Son's theory involves the planet devastated by a Power Stone-wielding Celestial, which he suggests could be Taa, Galan's home world. That may seem like a stretch, except that he points out the design of the Celestial's staff looks a lot like Galactus' traditional helmet. He's right about that part, at least.

Guardians of the Galaxy Celestial

Each of those pieces on its own may not be particularly convincing, but the face, planet and stuff together, in such close proximity? They make a pretty good candidate for that last big Easter egg.

That's big not only in size -- Galactus can grow to any height he wishes, but he usually hovers at 28 feet 9 inches -- but in payoff. It's not because Galactus' presence, or absence, has any real importance to Guardians of the Galaxy; it's that, if correct, this is one sly nod. That's because Galactus is part of the Fantastic Four film rights, which remain in control of Fox, at least until Disney's acquisition is complete.


The Devourer of Worlds cropped up on screen 2007's Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, although not quite in the way fans had hoped: He was basically a massive cloud of swirling cosmic energy that cast a vaguely Galactus-shaped cloud across the surface of Saturn. That, then, would make Second Son's Guardians of the Galaxy theory the closest we've gotten yet to a comics-faithful depiction of Galactus in live-action. If you believe that a face that may be the Sentience of the Universe plus a Galactus-shaped staff trump a cloud and shadow.

However, if you don't buy into that as the big Guardians Easter egg, Second Son also offer up some lesser finds, at least some of which are probably true. Well, at least until James Gunn says otherwise.

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