Guardians of the Galaxy 3: Karen Gillan Confirms She's Seen Script

When James Gunn was abruptly fired by Disney this summer from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 for offensive, years old tweets, fans were left to wonder about the fate of the blockbuster franchise. But since then, little has been revealed about the third film other, beyond that is on an indefinite hold as Marvel Studios searches for Gunn's successor. But now co-star Karen Gillan has confirmed the core cast has at least seen a script -- although she couldn't reveal too much.

While promoting her directorial debut, The Party’s Just Beginning, Gillan spoke briefly with People about her future with Marvel, including her character Nebula's "daddy issues" in Avengers: Endgame, and the status of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. She, of course, noted the firing of Gunn, explaining the franchise would see someone new behind the camera, but that the cast is "excited to continue the Guardians of the Galaxy story and keep delivering to the fans."

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"That’s the most important thing. I don’t have any details as to when [the next Guardians film will come out] but there’s a script in existence," Gillan continued. "I may have had a little teeny peek, but I can’t say anything."

Gunn turned in his first draft of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 shortly before his firing. But while he won't be able to bring the film to life visually, Gunn's script is expected to be used whenever production does kick off. However, it's expected his replacement as director will tweak the screenplay.

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Marvel and Disney placed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 on hold in August. Production was originally expected to kick off in early 2019 for a 2020 premiere, but Disney has removed a release date from its 2020 calendar, which suggests Black Widow and The Eternals may the only Marvel films arriving that year.

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